[Test] i12 TWS : clones convincing AirPods only 22 euros ?

The AirPods are without doubt one of the biggest successes at Apple in recent years. The wireless headphones white have quickly become inescapable, as were the headphones the white of the iPod in their time, so much that it becomes rare not to come across anyone wearing these little white stems in the street or public transport. Success requires, copies of wireless headphones Apple have rapidly proliferated. But these clones were readily identifiable as bigger than the originals.

But little by little, these copies have started to improve, their size has progressively decreased, the sound quality is more refined, and even the case load began to approach that of Apple, until that come out these i12 TWS, near perfect copies of the AirPods, for five times less expensive.

Which are the i12 TWS ?

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For what is the catch in hand (or rather, ears), i12 TWS are very close to the AirPods from Apple. In truth, nothing seems to distinguish the copy of the original, if it is not the absence of the words ” designed by Apple in California “. Otherwise, we are left with a design identical – including the size, whether it’s headphones or the box – and an excellent quality of manufacture, even if slightly below the AirPods.

The famous noise when we close the case load is almost identical to the one issued by Apple, and even taking Lightning is present. It is, therefore, in the face of a clone especially convincing.

As for the headphones themselves, their dimensions are almost identical to those of the AirPods. They hold just as well in the ears, and if your ears accept the AirPods, they will accept i12 TWS. It should be noted that they are also much lighter than the AirPods, with 31 grams only on the scale, compared to 47 grams for those from Apple. Each earpiece weighs 3 grams compared to 4 grams per AirPods. The i12 TWS boast even offering a water resistance index (IPX6), that do not offer the AirPods from Apple.

If the design manages to make the illusion, once in the ears, there is no doubt. These are not the AirPods, but the I12 TWS are not bad so far. The sound lack of bass, even more than their counterparts who chewed an apple, but after all, one is faced with earphones and it’s also important not to expect perfect sound quality. All the more that the copied template, the AirPods Apple, does not excel really in this area. In current usage, the record is still very correct, even if it will be necessary to boost low and/or reduce the treble on the eq of the connected device to enjoy a satisfying experience.

The second point where the i12 TWS are distinguishable from the AirPods : connectivity. Apple has had the good idea to equip its AirPods a dedicated chip – W1 on the first-generation H1 on the second – to pairing is easy with the iOS devices, with the little animation that goes. On the i12 TWS, we do not have the right to the same level of refinement. This Bluetooth headset simple, that connect via the Bluetooth settings. It may seem obvious, you might say, but it is true that the ease of pairing of the AirPods is really pleasant in everyday life. The question to ask is if you are sensitive to this type of refinements, and especially if it’s worth it to pay (a lot) more money to enjoy it. By the way, on Android, that doesn’t matter, since the AirPods Apple become simple Bluetooth headsets on the Google OS.

With a design identical to that of the AirPods and sound quality is more than correct, one wonders if there is eel under rock, and one might think that autonomy would not follow. Well, no, on the contrary. We reached briskly between three and four hours of listening thanks to the small battery 55mAh contained in each earpiece. In addition, the box is capable of charging up to five times the headphones, offering of what to escape for a weekend without having to recharge once. The manufacturers have even pushed the vice to adopt a decision-lightning-charging. You can use the cable from an iPhone, or the one provided in the box.

We find these headphones a little bit everywhere on the web, but beware of imitations of imitations ! Those tested come from our partner Geekbuying offers you these headphones i12 TWS only 22 euros with the code I12REALTEK !

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