[Test] Samsung Galaxy Watch Active : the best watch connected compatible with Android smartphones ?

A stylish design, a slab Amoled, full of features, a record-breaking battery life… Before we launch into the heart of the matter, let’s take a little tour of the owner with the technical specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active.

NameSamsung Galaxy Watch Active
Screen technologySlab Amoled
Screen size– 1,1 inch
– Format 1:1
Definition– 360 x 360 pixels
– Resolution 302 ppp
Dimensions– 39.5 x 39.5 x 10.5 mm
– Bracelet 20 mm
Weight25 g
Sensors– Heart rate
– Gyroscope
– Accelerometer
– Barometer
Operating systemTizen OS 4.0
OS compatibilityAndroid
One IU
Processor– Exynos 9110
– 4 Gb RAM
Memory768 Mb
Connection– Bluetooth 4.2, A2DP,
– Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Battery230 mAh
ColoursBlack, Silver, Pink, Green
Price249 euros

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active at the best price

Design and Screen

The Galaxy Watch Active offers a template smaller and discreet than the original model. And this is a great news because finally, Samsung can boast of offering a watch functional and enjoyable as much for the eyes and the wrist. Until now we had mostly to do with models unattractive and rude. The silicone bracelet changes with ease, but is still too large for small wrists.

Only available with a diameter of 40 mm, the aluminum housing is lightweight. The circular dial comes on the right flank of the two buttons. The button above allows you to refer back to while the other brings you back to the home screen. This new watch offers, therefore, an experience almost 100 % touch since the navigation wheel has disappeared to reduce the format. A loss that one may regret as it proved to be practical and fully intuitive. The screen relatively close does not make the maneuver nice and accurate daily. A pity, all the more that it is a beautiful Amoled screen with curved edges.

Display contrast infinite that can through his false black pixels to reduce the energy consumption and therefore increase the life span of the battery. We’ll get to that in the part dedicated to the self. Otherwise, the slab displays a definition and resolution quite satisfactory as well as maximum brightness is more than comfortable, even in the sun. Sensors ambient light work very well to maintain an excellent readability and does not dazzle too the eye when the environment is dark.


To pair your smartphone and take advantage of all the functionality it provides, including the notifications and customization items varied, it should be as usual to install the application Samsung Galaxy Wearables on his mobile. Add to this the plug-in Watch Active available on the Play Store and you only have to follow the directions to pair the two products.

It has a microphone for voice control, perfect for dictating aloud the text on a screen too narrow to type comfortably on the tip of your fingers a text message. And then, it is also the occasion to call on the services of Bixby, the personal assistant to the constructor. No, it is not always available in French and yes there is still a shortage today of relevance to be a serious competitor to Google Wizard available on other smartwatches. In contrast, no speakers, therefore, unable to hear any sound out of this shows or even make calls.

The software part is seen to manage by the usual OS of Samsung, and that has already been proven : Tizen. Simple, Clear and Intuitive, that’s what always improve the user experience. That said, the number of information and shortcuts including in the panel provided for this purpose has enough to turn the head. View a lot is never very good in itself, until gradually losing the user-especially, once again, with a diagonal screen size so small. A feeling of frustration is quickly felt.

The notifications work well and can respond in various ways : a small keyboard T9, émojis, automatic responses rather natural and diversified as well as voice dictation.

The many widgets that are available to give follow more closely its activities : heart rate, exercise, weather, pedometer, calories burned… And even an anti stress that teaches you a few seconds to resume normal breathing and soothing. You can also assign shortcuts as you see fit. All these and more features are very fast to reach. For the monitoring of health and activity, the watch is based on a heart rate monitor that measures heart rate in real time and continuously. The number of sports disciplines taken into account and his workouts are impressive. To find all the information and interpret your data, you can count on a very complete application dedicated to Samsung Health on your mobile. Tracking sleep is also of the party.

Side compatible applications, you have a few choices : Google calendar sync, the web browser to view an article, for example, Spotify for music even off-line with headphones…


Thanks to its Oled screen and most certainly the optimization of its mobile chip house Exynos 9110. In fact, the watch held over three consecutive days, knowing that she still sought continuously : the monitoring of sleep at night and the rhythm of your heart beat including. If you don’t use it at night, it can easily take a good day and a half extra. In other words, it puts K. O the competition whether it be the Apple Watch or many watches using Google Wear OS. And from far away.

The Galaxy Watch Active is charged by a charging system, wireless owner. Takes about 2h20 to regain a full charge if the watch is completely flat. It can also be recharged on the back very (too) slippery a Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 More.

Where to buy ?

The Galaxy Watch is Active available at a price of 249 euros. It is available in different colours : black, silver, pink, and green.

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