Test the Withings Move, the shows connected to “Made in France”

A shows the lines rondouillardes and sparkling colours. A movement connected ensconced in a box in plastic. An online configurator to choose from among 5 850 possible combinations. A description of the first connected to the Swatch ? Well, no : it is the Move, the watch connected to the cheapest in the catalogue of Withings, but also the most fun. And ” Made in France “, nothing to spoil.

Let us say it immediately : the Withings Move is a watch that is connected, in the strict sense of the term. It is a watch, because its needles give the time ; connected to, because it communicates with your phone via a Bluetooth connection. This is absolutely not a wristop computer, but rather a tracker of activity in the form of a watch. And you know what ? This is not necessarily a bad thing. No need to lift the wrist to read the time, or even shake, a sinister look is enough.

We would also say : the Withings Move is a watch ” Made in France “, in the sense the most cowardly of the term. The models of the series ” Basic Essentials “, available in a few colours simple and sold 69,95 €, made in China. The watches are custom assembled in the ” Factory Withings “, in Issy-les-Moulineaux, but their components remain mostly chinese. In a legal sense, however, the Move may rely on the stamp ” Made in France “, as it ” undergoes its last working or processing, substantial, economically justified “ in the Hexagon.

L’assemblage des aiguilles sur un modèle à cadran « Terrazzo ».
The location of the needles on a model-to-dial ” Terrazzo “, by the watch of the ” Manufacture Withings “.

And then the dial, to him, is “printed” in France (read : In the manufacture where the Withings assembles the watch Move connected to ” Made in France “). This opens up possibilities, starting with the configuration of the watch to the command. The online configurator allows you to choose from :

  • twelve dials : kingdom (white, black, and dark blue), Smart Dot (coral, grey, ice blue, dark blue, mint green, ruby red, and sea blue), and terrazzo (reef, granite, and modern) ;

  • five boxes : white, black, grey, blue, glacier, dark blue ;

  • ten needles of follow-up activity : gray, black, golden yellow, mint green, coral, sea blue, white, ruby red, glacier blue, and dark blue ;

  • nine bracelets : black, gray, mint green, navy blue, coral, ruby red, glacier blue, dark blue.

We have thus chosen to combine the dark blue way iGeneration coral way WatchGeneration, a relatively wise, but that makes its small effect. This is only one of the 5 850 possible combinations… but not necessarily desirable. Don’t talk about the associations more or less happy, because the tastes and colors do not argue, but rather readability.

Faithful to his habits, Withings employs needles in brass, thin, and flat, which “catch” the light. At the same time, the curves of the ice pan plastic attract glare. Gold needles are the only component visible that it is not possible to customize. Their readability is not always perfect on the white dial or dials “Smart Dot” on a white background, and always precarious on the (beautiful) dial Terrazzo.

You like the blue ? Between the dark blue, glacier blue, and navy blue, you will be filled. You prefer the red ? Hope you have nothing against bordeaux. You are an obsessed green ? You are better off than fans of yellow or purple, but your options are limited to two colors well pâlichons. The designers of Withings have ignored whole parts of the spectrum color, and favorite pastel shades.

Should we deplore it ? Not yet. Withings product dials “Smart Dot” and “Terrazzo” in Issy-les-Moulineaux, using an industrial printer loaded with UV inks, which deals with lots of 70’s dials. Armed with this machine, the manufacturer wants to produce small series in the colours of a company or an institution. But it can also multiply the collections : if we have seen the dials signed “La French Tech” or ” MoMA “, we also have a preview of the dials, whose color and patterns could make a cardboard.

Quelques combinaisons possibles.
A few possible combinations.

Give a few months to Withings, the time to abrade assembly line, and study the books of trend. But if the French manufacturer let pass the summer season without offering some more vibrant colours, you will know what to expect. Hope that, in the meantime, Withings will set the bugs of its configurator, more aesthetic than practical. The customization tool offered on the Amazon site is less pretty, but easier to handle and more reliable.

The price of the customization ? Ten euros. Most chauvinists would say that the small label ” Made in France “, the tiny tricolor flag struck three o’clock on the dial, ” Smart Dot “, and the satisfaction of contributing to the financing of three jobs, are well worth this extra cost of 13 %. These few euros are also assured that your watch, as all watches that pass through the ” Factory “, has spent a number of checks during its assembly.

The box of 38 mm diameter is made of plastic, as the ice in which the curves relate the thickness of 12.9 mm. After a month of daily use, punctuated by a test of mechanical resistance and a few shocks involuntary, our test model has not taken the slightest scratch. But he took the dust : the transition between the ice and the box and between the box and the bottom of steel form two small lips in which dirt come to nest.

Withings would soon provide the opportunity to engrave a few words on the bottom of the box. To really speak of” ultrapersonnalisation “, as the president of the French manufacturer, Éric Carreel, we should be able to customize the dial with the color, even the pattern of his choice. But this would probably be a logistical headache… and legal.

The silicone bracelets Withings are flexible, and the Move is even more than usual. Thanks to its pumps flash, you will be able to quickly exchange them against any other bracelet 18 mm wide. And you will have to change its loop with plastic, which concentrates the tension on the bracelet and cash, the shock of the wrist, will eventually break. At least is it the lightness of the Move, which will make them forget about on the wrist, with its light weight of 32 grams.

Since this watch is called ” Move “, move. Keeping in mind that the devices worn on the wrist are always more optimistic than those worn at the waist, the counting of the steps appears to be reasonably reliable. The progression of the needle activity is always also pleasant, especially when the surprises to retrace his steps, since it is a retrograde hand, at the time that we reached the goal that we set out in the application, Health Mate.

Press one second on the button that takes the place usually allotted to the crown, until you feel a small vibration, to enable the monitoring of sports activities. The watch becomes a stopwatch, the minute hand counts the seconds, the hour hand counts minutes, and the needle of activity account the steps performed during the session. It is rather clever, and one can always go back to the time of day display by pressing twice on the button.

The plastic buckle for the silicone strap is very flexible and rather messy. As the watch is water resistant up to 50 meters, you can happily run it under the faucet to wash it quickly.

If you forgot to start the recording, the watch and the app are still able to recognize some activities are basic, such as running and swimming. The athletes made will turn instead to the Pulse or the Steel in the RH, the more manageable with the monitor and more accurate with their heart rate monitor, or other more specialist products. Still, the Move has the same functions of connected GPS, and can make the runners on the Sunday.

The Move is not only the activity, but also sleep. Look at the alternation of phases of sleep with caution : the strips are of a dubious reliability, and you can’t really act on the depth of your sleep, which weighs, however, disproportionately in the score of sleep ” award by Withings. Instead, focus on the time of sunset and sunrise, an indicator of sleep hygiene much more tangible, in the heart of the program ” Ritual sleep “, as proposed by Health Mate.

In this context, the Move makes a great alarm clock silent. The vibrator is loud enough to wake you up, but not so strong that it wakes your partner and your neighbours. The application allows you to set multiple alarm clocks, one for weekdays and one for the weekend for example, with a window of ” smart alarm clock “. You have set an alarm clock at 6 h, but the watch feels you stirring as early as 5: 45 ? It will wake you earlier, when it is easier to get out of the bed.

With its battery CR2430, the Move will follow your activity on the day and your sleep at night for eighteen months… in theory. The experience of the old Business and the Steel makes us say that the real autonomy should be more close of the year, which is already remarkable. But while the array of the Steel is changed in two minutes, it is not recommended to try to replace the battery of the Move itself. You will have to switch at the watchmaker, and you pay fees, which represent a significant proportion of the price of the watch.

This is undoubtedly the black point of the Move, which raises questions about the viability of this watch in the long term. It is a pity : in all other aspects, including the investment tariff, it looks like the watch is connected that the Swatch would have had to launch for years. Except that one can change the battery of a Swatch watch in thirty seconds (or report the watch shop for a change free).

The measure of the success of the Move will be in the ability of Withings to support the provision of personalization. The French manufacturer opens a “Manufactory” in the United States in the course of the year — a watch designed in France and made in the USA “, that should do the talking. But it will multiply the colors, patterns, and even textures. The Move, it is certain, must move.

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