Texture leaves any room for Apple News+

Texture, it is beautiful and well done. The service of access to the news magazine acquired by Apple in march 2018, serves as a framework to Apple News+. The closing was scheduled for may 28 and, not surprisingly, the users of the application are now greeted by a farewell message : “goodbye Texture, hello Apple News+ “.

The reading service was proposed in the United States and Canada, in English and in French, to rates equivalent to those of Apple News+. The company from Cupertino is the bare minimum in order to facilitate the passage of the readers of Texture to the new service : a commercial proposal with a view, if this is not the free month offered to new subscribers.

In the transition, customers Texture will lose their favourites and collections. And those who were in the habit to access the service from an Android device or a web browser will have to find a Mac or an iOS device, Apple News+ is available in the form of application macOS or iOS (read : The transition between Texture and Apple News+ lets Android users at the edge of the road).

The manufacturer has recently made a little revise to Apple News+, indicating that hundreds of people worked for the improvement of the service. There was work : there is a lack in Apple News+ basic functions, such as search within articles, or a more effective management of numbers downloaded.