The arc-en-ciel invades all Apple Park

This is today, Friday may 17, the scene that arc-en-ciel standing in the center of the ring by Apple Park will host its celebration of the work of Steve Jobs, as well as the formal opening of the new campus (read : Apple Park : months of work for the stage, arc-en-ciel).



In addition to the stage itself, Apple has redesigned a lot of places in the colours of the rainbow (even if it is closer to the colour of the logo history of the company), such as stairs and hallways. The cups served in the cafeteria, Caffè Macs feature these colours, and the employees have even received a badge (I want it) with a message thanking them to be part of Apple.



All this small world will be able to enjoy the festivities of the day — it is rumored that Lady Gaga could go on stage… @MacRumors