The Autopilot Tesla once again involved in a fatal accident

The software Autopilot, which team the car models Tesla comes a new time to be involved in a road accident occurred on 1st march in Florida. A new formalized by the Office National transportation safety board us (NTSB). The victim, a 50 year old man named Jeremy Beren Banner, died on the spot.

After the analysis of the vehicle, the NTSB determined in its report that the Autopilot was triggered ten seconds before it hit a semi-trailer. The driver of the latter is furthermore safe and sound. Apparently, the system has been slow to recognize the hands of the driver on the steering wheel.

“Less than 8 seconds before the accident until the moment of impact, the vehicle has not detected the hands of the driver on the steering wheel. “

The images of video surveillance show that the semi-trailer has led to a ramp of four-lane road and thus blocked the way to the Tesla. The latter was travelling at 68 mph, that is to say, about 110 km/h on a road limited to 55 mph (89 km/h). The NTSB noted, however, that the data collected until then it is still not possible to know if an avoidance manoeuvre has been initiated by the software or the driver.

The firm was keen to address by releasing a statement explaining that the cars Tesla has already ” swallowed more than a billion miles with the function Autopilot activated “. She also took the opportunity to remind that he needed to stay alert and ready to get behind the wheel as soon as you use it.

“Our data show that, if it is used properly by a conductor attentive, ready to resume control of the car at any time, the driver using Autopilot are safer than those riding without help. “

This is not the first time that fatal accidents take place this way. Last April, a family of the victim had accused the firm in affirming that the Autopilot had poorly marked boundary lines of the road, but also the safety fence in concrete.

A pub of which the company would be well spent, even if the Autopilot display is effectively a balance sheet is interesting.