The Carioca of The City of fear causes madness in Cannes !

In 1994, the spectators discovered the “family comedy of The Void”, The City of fear. The film d’Alain Berbérian has attracted more than 2.2 million people in the rooms, but the number of fans who replay a is impossible to quantify, as it became a cult. Each replica is anthological, every scene is memorable, a whole generation is marked by this spoof-movie that takes place during the largest film festival in the world. Cannes has decided to pay tribute to him for his 25th anniversary with a special screening at the cinema the Beach the may 16, 2019. But this is not all…

If Alain Chabat, Chantal Lauby and Dominique Farrugia met at the Festival de Cannes on Thursday to present the projection of the City of fear, the happiness did not stop at that. A petition had been launched to ask the one who plays Serge Karamazov and its partner, the commissioner Bialès, played by Gerard Darmon for coming to Cannes this year to dance the Carioca. And they have accepted it, redoing the choreography genius of this sequence with the legendary feature film. The videos of their performance are widespread on the Internet, it is impossible to miss this time !