The co-founder of Facebook support Mark Zuckerberg and calls to dismantle the firm

In 2004, Chris Hughes and Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in a dorm room at Harvard University. 15 years later, Facebook is used by more than one-third of the world’s population. If it is not possible to contradict the success of the social network, the power acquired by the company over the years can be frightening.

The one who helped Zuckerberg create Facebook call today to dismantle the network. He accused the current boss of Facebook for sacrificing the privacy of users while having crushed the competition with a surge of redemptions. Today, he considers that the social network is abuse of a dominant position.

“Mark Zuckerberg has created a Leviathan that eliminates the spirit of enterprise and restricted consumer choice “, writes Chris Hughes

The co-founder of Facebook is no lack of adjectives to describe one who was once his friend. According to him, Mark Zuckerberg is in spite of everything ” a human being. But it is his humanity that makes his power, out of control, if problematic. “

But what puts it out of him, it is the sacrifice of privacy in favor of a ” race to the clicks “ frantic”. A situation for which Zuckerberg should be held accountable to the government, according to Hughes.

In addition, the co-founder of Facebook indicates that the social network now has a monopoly dangerous. With nearly 2.7 billion users per month on Facebook, as well as Instagram and Whatsapp, both of which have been redeemed by the firm of Zuckerberg, the company is full of power. So much power, that Hugh calls for the dismantling of the firm ” in a short period of time “, and evokes a threat of a lawsuit anti-monopoly before the courts.

This is not the first time we called to dismantle Facebook, even if the status of co-founder Hugues gives a special weight to the argument. Recently, Elizabeth Warren, candidate democrat in the next presidential election american, has said that it wants to dismantle the behemoths of the digital world, and more specifically Facebook, if she were to be elected.