The French Parrot chosen by the us army to build drones for the recognition

Seriously challenged by DJI on the field of unmanned air vehicles general public, the French brand Parrot widens its horizon. She is increasingly working on gear for professionals, and could soon land a contract of great magnitude.

The firm has in effect been chosen (along with five other companies) by the department of Defense of the United States for a call for tender aiming to develop and prototype a new generation of drones are compact, short-range and dedicated to the monitoring (” Short Range Reconnaissance drone ” or SRR). It would seem, therefore, that the distrust of the chinese players (the majority) of the sector to make the happiness of others.

Henri Seydoux, chairman and CEO of Parrot, reacts to the announcement of the selection :

“Parrot is proud to have been selected by the U. S. Army to work on this project is highly strategic […] We fully understand how a drone is an ultra-compact, like the platform of drone ANAFI, has the potential to become a central element of the defense. We are looking forward to build on the excellence of our R&D to meet the highest requirements of the U. S. Army in order to integrate the efficiency offered by drones in their operations and to accompany the most important armed force and defence in the world. “

The said program has allocated $ 11 million dollars to those six players so that it can quickly develop a uav capable of being deployed rapidly on the ground by the soldiers. It will thus have a better field of vision and an understanding of the immediate and wider environment in which they operate.

Of course, the army has established several objectives that the device must fulfil to be selected. It should, in particular, benefit from a time-of-flight of 30 minutes and a range of up to 3 kilometres. Its weight does not exceed 1.3 kg/ He’ll have to be up and running in less than 2 minutes and must be able to be transported in backpacks standards used by the soldiers. Nothing seems impossible to achieve for the firm, who plays very big on this market.