The Galaxy Note10 could be deprived of jack port and physical buttons

The Galaxy Note10 do should integrate or jack port, or any physical button of any kind. To turn on or turn off the device, to raise or lower the volume, or to hail Bixby, it will be necessary to touch the touch-sensitive areas, or press places that are sensitive to pressure. As to the connection between the smartphone and a headset, it will take place in Bluetooth.

Samsung may therefore no longer reflect its ” ingenius “, featured in the advertising campaign comparative dating back to the summer of 2018. In one of the spots (the first in the series above), this true/false Genius was confronted with a troublesome question from a customer about the lack of jack port in her iPhone.

To be quite frank, Samsung has already eaten his hat : several phones mid-range like the Galaxy A80 have abandoned the good old port audio 3.5 mm. It is also the case of the Galaxy Fold and multiple tablets. But on the segment of the high-end smartphone, Samsung is one of the few manufacturers to keep the jack port. The Galaxy Note10 should plant a nail in this coffin, waiting for the Galaxy S11 vienna (maybe) toss in a shovelful of earth.

The removal of the jack will allow the manufacturer to earn the place inside of what is still a very large smartphone. The disappearance of physical buttons is expected to reduce the points of structural fragility in the chassis. The integration of touch-sensitive areas and pressure on the bands is not new, the principle is already present on some models of HTC, as well as on the Pixel 2 and 3 (and the Pixel 4 should enjoy it also).