The hacktivism in free fall : – 95% of attacks since 2015

After the huge buzz generated by the actions of Anonymous, the hacktivists – understand hackeurs activists – are no longer very present. In this issue, X-Force of IBM has been its small survey and demonstrated that the actions of hacking by the hacktivist have fallen by almost 95% since three years. There have also been none this year.

The researchers suggest that the fall of Anonymous and the repeated efforts on the part of law enforcement in order to stop these actions have been due to the presence of these hacktivists, as the famous hidden group was responsible for nearly 45% of this type of attack.

With companions, such as #OpKKK, #OpParis, #OpISIS, #OpWhale or #OpIcarus, the group quickly came to the front of the stage hacktivist world. Success, the movement has suffered from the rise of ” fake Anons “, thieves who have carried out various actions, sometimes unrelated to the original purpose of the movement, and which helped to split the Anonymous and to create confusion in the movement until its dissolution in 2016.

As for the arrests, there has been a number. “At least” 62 in the United States, the United Kingdom and in Turkey since 2011, says IBM. Of hacktivists, such as Martin Gottesfeld, James Robinson or Deric Lostutter. These arrests repeated eventually sink the nail on the tomb of the hacktivism world.

However, in spite of this reduction plan, the hacktivists are not dead. IBM indicates that the current period doesn’t really play in favor of these hackeurs activists. In addition, some of the actions that have taken place in recent times could well end up being qualified to hacktivism, only they are so dispatched that it is difficult to qualify them as such.

“Social justice issues acute, organisational capacity, the largest among the groups of hacktivists, and a transition high to areas that are beyond the control of the forces of order can potentially change the face of hacktivism in a relatively short period of time. We are seeing probably a slowdown in economic activity hacktivist rather than a conclusion,” points out Camille Singleton, author of the report IBM.