The iPod of 2001 never unpacked not going to pack your portfolio

18 years later, we said that we would have had to keep this very first iPod (3 490 francs at the time !) sell it today on eBay. A small malignant proposes to auction the portable audio player in its original packaging still wrapped with the plastic film factory, at the bargain price of… 19 995 $. 18 815 €, or a little more than 111 000 francs ! The unit has never been unpacked.

If the heart and the wallet you said, it is possible to acquire immediately this product quite amazing at the cutting edge of technology (2001) : a hard drive of 5 Gb (1000 songs), a FireWire port, and even… a jack port ! All equipped with a monochrome screen and a revolutionary interface to control with a wheel.

This is not the first time that the iPod appears to record prices on eBay. In 2014, we could as well dispose of the small sum of – 180 000 $ (!) for a model, never used iPod 1st generation.

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