The mea-culpa of Xavier Niel : “We made mistakes”

Xavier Niel has agreed that Free had made mistakes. During the Capital Markets Day which was held yesterday, Iliad, parent company of the operator hellion, has rolled out its roadmap for the coming months and next few years (read : After a year ” difficult “, “Free” presents his plan to bounce back). This day was also the occasion for the boss of the group to do his mea-culpa.

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After having thought about things in a different way on the market of fixed and mobile, ” we lowered our guard , “admitted Xavier Niel :” We were too confident, insolent, arrogant, probably (…) It is the hellion of the sector, it is so good, what could happen to us ? “. With such a mindset, he acknowledged, ” we made mistakes “.

Iliad has ” missed opportunities we should grasp, we fell asleep on our laurels “. As a controlling shareholder, Xavier Niel takes its share of responsibility in this situation. To remedy this situation, the group decided to ” change everything, while keeping its DNA and privileging in the same way our subscribers, our employees and our shareholders “.

The management has been reworked last spring. Iliad continues to invest to get out of the roaming contract with Orange. Ten billion euros paid by the operator to lease the network of Orange were given to “trash “(Stéphane Richard will enjoy), ” this money is not used for nothing, they are not investments “. Iliad has ” made the fortune of others, so much the better for them, it also allowed us to exist “.

Xavier Niel described the three periods of the network Free : first, the rental of the network, and the deployment of its own network, and finally the harvest of the “fruits” of this network of their own. The group is now in this third phase (also read : Orange widens the gap on the 4G). For subscribers, the boss of the Company is promising ” surprises “… without anything to deflower !

What is certain, however, is that Free doesn’t run in the business promotions to life that we have seen blossom these past months in the competition. “These offers have been sold falsely, and so much the better since it will tarnish the image of those who propose them , “said Niel. A speech which joins the Orange (read : Orange says Sosh will not transfer promotions to life).