The new art installation by JR to explore with the iPhone

The latest art installation by JR has had the honor of a spotlight of Tim Cook — the Apple boss and the French artist, know each other, they had seen the beginning of 2017 during the visit of the CEO in France. JR has designed a mural, ” The Chronicles of San Francisco “, exhibited at the museum of modern art of the city.

This fresco has several peculiarities. Each of the 1 200 people who are present there is a movement ; each also has a story to tell, that of his life, a commitment or an anecdote. To listen to this story, it is necessary to download a free app, JR:murals, and then point the camera of the iPhone to a person present in the fresco or in the book accompanying the exhibition to learn more about it.

Not need to be on-site to take advantage of this facility and of the application : the picture is on the web site of the exhibition is enough, or even just the photo of the fresco above.

The same device was also used on a cover of Time magazine last October, devoted to the debate on firearms in the United States. The application allows you to download the fresco that was used in the illustration and listen to the words of the 245 responders. Without the need of the magazine in front of him.