The reasons that led LVMH to form an alliance with Rihanna

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In a few days, LVMH will officially launch in Paris Fenty, the brand new house it created with Rihanna. For the time being, the mystery remains the same around the event that should take place next week, but chances are it will be up to the challenge of this prestigious alliance.

The luxury group led by Bernard Arnault has already invested several tens of millions of euros in this unprecedented project. Its goal is to broaden its scope and establish itself in the fluid and multifaceted world of tomorrow. Who better than the Barbados singer, one of the most influential personalities in the world, could take up the challenge, especially since she has transformed all her forays into successes in fashion so far.  No legacy to highlight. No creative genius. But a 31-year-old woman, black, a committed feminist, an artist with a strong personality and a wise business woman. With the appointment of Virgil Abloh as artistic director of the Louis Vuitton men's collections, the only black designer to date to head a global luxury brand, LVMH had already taken a step in favour of diversity and openness.

With Rihanna, Bernard Arnault is moving up a gear: he is projecting his group into the market of the future, getting closer to communities and other cultural universes as well as to an ever younger clientele.  Rihanna perfectly embodies this new ideal. It has never ceased to value its diversity, bringing millions of fans in its wake. Moreover, his personality, with its strong points but also its grey areas, has only made the pop star more authentic and credible to the public, more "humane" and close to it. By building this 360-degree fashion project around Rihanna, since Fenty will offer ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories, LVMH hopes to capitalize on the singer's power of influence and repeat the exploits she has achieved in the various fields in which she has worked so far.

Rihanna was named one of the world's 100 most influential people by Time  Last year, she was on the cover of the famous Time magazine, which included her in its list of the 100 most influential people of the year in 2018. With more than 70 million subscribers on Instagram, the queen of pop has fewer fans than her rivals Selena Gomez or BeyoncĂ©. On the other hand, it is ahead of them on Twitter with nearly 90 million followers. What makes the difference? Its real power of influence generating explosive sales every time it has promoted a brand.  LVMH was able to verify this from the very beginning of its collaboration with the Barbadian singer through its Dior brand. The house strikes a blow in 2015 by choosing Rihanna as the muse for its "Secret Garden" campaign. Not only is she her first black ambassador, but she is also one of the most emblematic, adored by a whole generation much younger than the usual audience of the brand. The success is there.

The same year, the performer of the planetary hits Diamond, Rude Boy and Umbrella made his debut at Puma, a label owned by the Kering group. Its Fenty x Puma line will allow the equipment manufacturer, at the time in decline, to relaunch itself, investigating the commercial successes, from the famous Creepers Fenty sneakers, which are tearing off, to the flat sandals filled with The Fur Slide. The singer is involved at all levels, from creation to communication, carrying her creations, sharing them on social networks... Her shows are followed on all social platforms. The collaboration boosts sales of the German language, which manages to capture the attention of a new clientele, taking advantage of Rihanna's audience and the special bond she forges with her audience.

The image of an authentic woman  One of the keys to the success of the woman known as "Riri" lies in the very special bond she cultivates with her community. If her audience is not as large as other influencers, she is on the other hand very loyal and based on admiration. Fans praise Rihanna for her authenticity and a real commitment to her audience (she often responds personally to her fans). Two values that are priceless in the luxury market in search of a direct relationship.  The singer has so far distinguished herself by an honest approach in the choice of her collaborations. She's not running the pill. It has always selected its partners in accordance with its style and desires, and above all by getting involved each time from a creative point of view. When she chooses a project, she fully supports it. It's not just about wearing a product to sell it. It is fully involved, from the preparation phase to marketing. Many singers and other influencers are regularly solicited by brands. But none of them has so far succeeded in transforming a simple collaboration into a real business, like Rihanna.  Fenty Beauty, a beauty brand with a juicy spin-of.

This is reflected in the unprecedented success of the Fenty Beauty cosmetics line launched in 2017 with Sephora, offering 40 shades of foundation and 30 correctors. An ode to diversity that has revolutionized the beauty sector, prompting many other cosmetic brands to do the same. Better! Better! Since its launch, the line has proved to be a very good deal for the LVMH group's brand, reaching a turnover of 500 million euros in 2018.

"Everyone knows the great singer Rihanna, but through our partnership with Fenty Beauty, I discovered her entrepreneurial spirit, leadership skills and impressive leadership. It really has its rightful place in the LVMH family," Bernard Arnault pointed out a few days ago, when he announced the creation of the Fenty company.  If additional arguments were needed to justify the choice of the luxury giant, it should be recalled that Rihanna has always been passionate about the world of fashion. But it was not only a question of the young woman parading around in a particular fashion show with the "it bag" of the moment. She has matured her passion over the past few years through real professional experiences, consolidating her figure as a fashion entrepreneur.

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In 2018, the singer gave herself the luxury of launching a new lingerie line, this time Savage x Fenty, alongside TechStyle Fashion Group. An affordable underwear collection for all female body types. Another string with Rihanna's already tightly stretched bow.