The Solitaire Microsoft finally in the Hall of Fame of video game

The Solitaire Microsoft is without a doubt one of the games most famous in the world : shipped with Windows since version 3.0 in 1990, which we’re not), it has taught the mouse to millions of users, and amused and/or busy the other billion. Not to mention the hours of lost productivity… It is therefore only justice that the game between the World Video Game Hall of Fame !

The title, distributed on more than one billion PCS, 35 billion of parts (!) each and every year. If the game has not changed much until Windows 7, Microsoft has added a lot of new features and modes from Windows 8. The Solitaire is also available for a little over two years on iOS, in all its glory.

The batch’s annual Hall of Fame other masterpieces of video art-fun : Super Mario Kart — which also will fit on mobile platforms, Colossal Cave Adventure, a game text dating back to 1976, and Mortal Kombat. The 11th version of the fighting game hénaurme has just come out with his collection of fatalities still nice and bloody.