The Tamagotchis can now start a family

Credits Bandai

You can’t stop progress. Nearly 23 years after their release in Japan, the Tamagotchis are back, with a brand new model connected baptised Tamagotchi It. Soon to be marketed in the United States, the monsters of pockets new generation will retain their iconic design of the 90s, with their egg shape and three buttons before. As usual, the goal will be to take care of his virtual pet, feeding, entertaining, and occasionally cleaning its poop. But this is not all…

That said, new generation said, of course new features. The Tamagotchis 2.0 will now be able to mate, and start a family. If it was already possible to connect two small monsters to allow them to play together, the Tamagotchis will now be able to do nasty things when left alone. The couple thus formed will thus be able to give birth to babies just as meugnons than their parents, and who possess certain genetic characteristics.

Even if the Tamagotchis will of course be delivered in their small box to be emblematic, for this remake 2019, a mobile application on a smartphone will allow players to participate in different social events, and keep a remote eye on his pet. In addition, and this is a great first, a color screen will allow to take advantage of his Tamagotchi in the best conditions. It is not yet on the 4K, but it is approach. Sold in the United States for as little as $ 59.99 dollars, or about 53 €, it will take about the same to break her piggy bank to hope to afford one of the four proposed models. Available for pre-order on the site Amazon, it will also be possible to deliver one of these little wonders in France via the international delivery.