The Voice 8, battles : Mika overturns the rules, Soprano creates a group !

This may 4, 2019, the many viewers of The Voice 8 (TF1) had a rendezvous with the first battles of the season.

For the first time after the hearings to the blind and the hard K. O., the coaches, Jenifer, Mika, Soprano and Julien Clerc have been able to compete against the Talent of their team to bring the best up for future live. This time, the candidates faced off in a duet on a song chosen by their coach.

Here is the summary of the battles of this may 4, 2019 :


Leona Winter vs Virginia

For the first battle of the evening, Jenifer has decided to oppose the artist, transformist of the season and the former representative of France at Eurovision (Lisa Angell). She wants to make a duo of divas on No More Tears by Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer. Leona said he was very flattered to be able to sing with a voice like that of Virginia. During rehearsals, Virginia admits that she needs to learn how to do the show on stage, and Leona, she needs to overcome its severe… One thing is for sure, the contestants are ready to battle it out while remaining complicit.

In the Face of the coaches, Leona Winter appears sublime in a dress, the emerald slinky and sparkling with a head of hair stunning… Although more restrained, Virginia also shines with a thousand lights. The votes are in place, the movements assured, the coaches are delighted with the outcome. Virginia has a more powerful voice (which has the vocal cords of a man, remember), but Leona shines with his charisma and his pretty vocal prowess. Mika ensures that it will continue with Leona. Jenifer wants to promote the show, the surprise and scan the codes…

Jenifer decides to keep Leona Winter.

Shirley vs Sidoine

It is on what is t’es belle Marc Lavoine et Catherine Ringer that Jenifer has decided to oppose Shirley and the ex-student of the Star Academy de NRJ12. She finds that they both have a side flayed alive and fragile. The coach is seduced by the next girl next door who discovers Shirley (cashier in the life) and by the authenticity and modernity of Sidoine. During this recovery, she wants them to put their modesty aside… especially Shirley !

In the Face of the coaches, Shirley and Sidoine shine thanks to a mise en scene neat… and by their voices. The power face of the stamp. Jenifer’s eyes sparkle, she loves the show. Mika is impressed by the voice of Shirley. “That voice !“, loose there after the last note. Julien Clerc find that she has taken the power and keep it. Jenifer finds that Sidoine always creates a surprise…

Jenifer decides to keep Sidoine.


Albi vs London Loko

These are two singers who do not have too much experience of the stage, but of the emotional intelligence according to Mika. Albi has a voice of raw, natural and unfiltered ; London Loko has a smaller voice, but with a timbre very marked. In order to oppose them, Mika was chosen to sing the Hit Dirty Therapy Taxi, a title he likes a lot. He wanted something to pop and cool. The text is cash, he wants to feel a tension between the two young singers. However, the Talents are a little too modest… It is imperative that they let themselves go.

In the Face of the coaches, Albi and London show from the outset that they have understood the message of their coach. They assume the text is sometimes thought, play with the scene… It is better than hoped for ! Unfortunately, Albi missed the start of the second verse. London seems to take the ascendant, it offers the same high-stamped charming. Jenifer has preferred London Loko, Julien Clerc Soprano and prefer to Albi.

Mika surprises everyone and decides to keep Albi and London Loko. It remains, therefore, already more than two places in his team !

Gjon”s Tears vs Clem Chouteau

Mika found that these two Talents are excellent… It puts them face to face, because “excellence, causes excellence” and because he is “crazy“. He has chosen to do battle on the track Don t Let The Sun Goes Down on Me George Michael and Elton John. He does not want to see two friendly boys on stage, but two men in the process of telling a story. The boys want to impress !

In the Face of the coaches, Gjon”s Tears and Clem unleash the horses. Their powerful vocals blend very well. The coaches are blown away by such a performance… “Olala, olala, popopopo“, cree Soprano. Julien Clerc is that Gjon was a gift from heaven. Jenifer would keep also the young man, even if they deserve all the two to go in the final.

Mika decides to keep Gjon”s Tears.


Vay vs Maxime Cassady

Vay impressed his coach with his tone of voice, it has a margin for progress is enormous, according to Soprano. Maxime is overflowing with positivity, it is freestyle , according to the coach… maybe a little too much sometimes ! The rapper has chosen to compete on “Say, Say, Say Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson. It is a duet perilous, because Maxim is an extrovert and used to the scene when Vay is more introverted and inexperienced. She hopes that Vay will find its place and will not eat by Maxime.

In the Face of the coaches, the Talent giving 100%. Vay has gained confidence and Maxime made the dandy… The voice of Vay is more original, but the charisma Maxim is undeniable. At the end of the service, a Soprano is said to be captivated by the very feel good of the proposal. Jenifer said he was very surprised by Vay…

Soprano decides to keep Vay

Mayeul vs Scam Talk

A rapper facing a duo of multi-Talented, mixing electro and beatbox. Soprano is the original duo and appreciate the power of Mayeul. He decided to oppose them on a beautiful song ofOrelsan, Paradise. The coach wants to see his Talents on a song more laid back than usual. The challenge for the Scam Talk is to sing in French and to Mayeul to be sensitive and romantic. During rehearsals, Soprano is not satisfied at all by his Talents and decides to start over with them…

In the Face of the coaches, the trio finally works perfectly. Mayeul is moving, and very accurate, the beatbox of the Scam Talk, how a beating heart is very poetic… Mika appreciates the proposal of the Scam Talk, Soprano is embedded by the rap of Mayeul. “Oh dear, what a it was !, it was too much, I loved it !“, comments on Jennifer with enthusiasm. Jenifer and Julian would keep Scam Talk, Mika prefers Mayeul… and it offers very seriously the competitors to merge to make a single group. Soprano says that he has obviously thought about it… Against all odds, Mika insists and puts the feet in the dish. He said to Soprano to keep the entire world under a single entity… if they agree. Mayeul and Scam Talk agree to merge.

Soprano decides to keep Mayeul and Scam Talk under a single entity… never seen before in the show !


Theophilus Rénier vs. Marouen

Theophilus is the winner of The Voice Belgium in 2017 and Marouen, medical student, artist, much less confirmed… However, he has a very pretty head voice. Julien Clerc wanted to create a battle of the singers voice. He chose the title , As usual, Claude François… in English version, My Way ! During rehearsals, Julien Clerc advises Marouen not from any of the following in the head voice so that we can better discover his palette and voice. A board that the désarçonne somewhat, it is not used to sing in the voice of chest. Theophilus is a little worried about discovering the power of his competitor…

In the Face of the coaches, the resumption of this classic satisfied. Impossible to say which competitor has the better. It is a service that is simple and effective, which ends with a chorus in French. Julien Clerc is moved. “I’m all in the shit for my choice“, says he. Mika and Soprano keep Marouen.

Julien Clerc decides to keep Théophile Rénier.

Clementine vs Leonard

Clementine and Leonard are both pianists. The first does not have much experience (she is 16 years old), the second is a genius crazy music. Julien Clerc wishes to object to a title-worship, He played the piano standing by Michel Berger for France Gall. It is sure that it may match for them. He recommends to the young girl to sing with more rhythmic and without dragging out its notes. He asked Leonardo to make you happy, is leaving to take a few liberties with the melody.

In the Face of the coach, Clementina and Leonardo each have their piano. They are assorted vestimentairement… but also vocally. It’s not perfect, but Julien Clerc is very smiling and looking at her Talents to produce on stage. “You touch me infinitely, “says the coach at the end of the performance. Mika was not convinced by the proposal… Jenifer and Soprano. Jenifer would choose Leonardo.

Julien Clerc decides to keep Leonard.

Summary of the teams

Julien Clerc : Laureen, Ava Baya, Leonard, Theophilus Renier, Pierre Danaë, Anton (stolen in the team Jenifer)

Jenifer : Poupie, Sidoine, Arezki, Leona Winter, Petru, Geoffrey (stolen Soprano)

Mika : Gjon”s Tears, Albi, Whitney, London, Loko, Luna, Virginia, and Godi (stolen Soprano)

Soprano : Clement, Mayeul & Scam Talk, Vay, Fanswa, Hi Levels and Pledge (stolen Mika)