The Voice 8 – Leona Winter love of Lorenzo : pictures and confidences

Leona Winter is one of the favourites of The Voice 8. Since the beginning of the adventure, she has fascinated the jury with his voice, but also its history. A journey that she tells our colleagues of the Gala, the opportunity to evoke her husband and manager Lorenzo.

In the belly of my mother, I was listening to the Celine Dion, “says the one who is actually Remy. From an early age, the young Frenchman of Spanish origin likes to sing, dress up and show off. When his dad asks him to do a sports activity, so it chooses the dance. The following year, he took singing lessons and her teacher is none other than Lorenzo. It is from the age of 12 years that he has questions about his sexuality. “Suddenly, I was no longer very comfortable. Male, female, I was a bit lost, “says the young man, 24 years of age. It was not until two years later that he realizes that he is fascinated by the grace and the beauty of women and that he is attracted to men.

In the learner, his mom responds well. His dad however was a little more difficult. At 16 years old, Remy is leaving the school to start a career in the arts. It also holds a bar with Lorenzo – who became her partner, in Spain. And, on the eve of the inauguration of the institution, its man asks him if he wants to “put in the woman“. It was on August 16, 2012, and Leona Winter was born. She makes a spectacle of Europe and is identified to participate in Miss Europe Continental, an election that she won. Following her win, she makes a nice tribute to Lorenzo, without whom it would not be here today. “I want to say to Lorenzo Backstage Werner that if I came here today, it is thanks to him. Thank you for your help, thank you for your support, thank you for your professionalism, thank you for your warmth, thank you for your love. Thank you for being there just. I love you“, she wrote on Instagram on September 5, 2017.

Leona then completed a sixth of the contest Miss Continental, and participates in the tele-chilean reality The Switch 2. Its course is of interest to the casteur of The Voice , who offered him to participate in season 8. It impresses with her cover of The Voice, of Malena Ernman and joined the team of Jenifer. It passes with flying colors the test of the K. O. and battles. And, during the first prime, she is saved by the public. Remains to be seen whether she will shine once again by his talent, this Saturday, may 25, 2019.