The Voice 8: Theophilus to Deny eliminated, Leona Winter in tears, Poupie upsets

This is the direct ! This Saturday, may 18, 2019, TF1 broadcast the first premium of The Voice 8. The Talents were battling it out for the first time live and the level was at the rendezvous. After you have all interpreted This is me of Keala Settle in an atmosphere of circus, the candidates are passed one by one before Jenifer, Mika, Soprano, Julien Clerc , and the public.


Poupie : Bang Bang Sheila

Last week, the young woman was imposed in the face of Petru on the title of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. For first direct, it has chosen Bang Bang Sheila and, therefore, has sung for the first time in French. “I’m afraid because there is no place for the fireworks, “said the young woman who was afraid to engage.

Once again, she showed her vocal power. Has his way, she interpreted it as full of emotions. Either in his gestures or his presence, she was impressed. “Pride absolute. It is all what one seeks, Talent, a bit extraordinary out of the ordinary, “said Jenifer who welcomed its naked and its purity. “You are a woman of sight and it can not be invented. I hope that you’ll have a long career“, launched a Julien Clerc. What deeply touching Poupie.

Sidoine : The Marseillaise

It is on what is t’es belle Marc Lavoine et Catherine Ringer that Jenifer has opposite Shirley and Sidoine during battles. Its authenticity and its modernity have once again paid off since this evening, he had the chance to perform live. It is The Marseillaise which he has chosen to sing, a great first. It is his dad has set the challenge and it was a big risk for theformer candidate of Star Academy.

A risk which has paid off since her show has been appreciated. Very quickly, it is appropriate that the national anthem and, therefore, offered a benefit doubly unique. “He has resources and he is ambitious. I greet also your elegance that is not given to all, “said his coach. Not to mention his great ambition.

Arezki/Geoffrey : Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars

They had come to participate in the adventure each of their side. But their duo during the battles was so perfect that Jenifer has made the decision to create a group so that they continue the adventure together. A very good choice, since once more, the young men have set fire to the plateau with Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars.

The duo began his delivery in the public. Their voices were always so complementary. In addition, the two Talents have made a small choreography. Therefore, it’s difficult for the coaches and spectators not to dance to the rhythm of their show. “It’s good for you. I applaud this very smart choice. I think they’re so wonderful in every two. You’re fresh, modern, and you each have your sensitivity, “said Jenifer.

Leona Winter : Kid of Eddy de Pretto

The artist, transformist put the mat Virginia on No More Tears by Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer during the stage of battles. Tonight, she has chosen Kid of Eddy de Pretto, a song that echoes its own history. “It’s got to be Remi that is expressed through Leona, “said Talent. With this title, he wished to thank his dad who finally supported in her choice. The latter was also present at the premium.

“Emotion” was the key word in this provision. Leona has demonstrated the extent of its color and vocal power. At the end of her show, she could not hold back his tears. “These are moments that are not calculated and which is live. I love you dad“, she said. Not to mention his mom and her husband. “I told him thank you. It is very touching and it is a beautiful message of hope. You have one of the voices the most breathtaking of the season, “said Jenifer.

The Talents of Jenifer chosen by the public are Sidoine and Leona Winter. Jenifer decides to keep Poupie. Geoffrey and Arezki are therefore eliminated.


Gjon”s Tears : S. O. S from a land in distress, of Daniel Balavoine

Between Clem Chouteau and Gjon”s Tears, Mika has chosen to keep the latter in battles. His protégé had, therefore, the pressure this evening. To qualify for the next premium, it should appeal to coaches, but also the general public with the title hard S. O. S d’un terrien in distress, Daniel Balavoine. The Talent was not hidden, not stress, during rehearsals. He even tried to take over and offer a personal interpretation in order to stand out.

Mika was waiting on it to pound on the stage. A successful mission for Gjon’s Tears which has upset everyone with his recovery. It is mounted in the acute without problem, in any case, this is what he let show through. “He does what he wants with his voice, “says Soprano. “Premiums, we expect performance. (…) You’re out in a manner that is so elegant and your way. You have done some flips and fireworks with your voice, “said Mika. Julien Clerc has meanwhile welcomed the fact that it has demonstrated its facet emotional this evening. Nikos Aliagas has taken the opportunity to make a beautiful tribute to Grégory Lemarchal, who had interpreted this title during his adventure in the Star Academy.

Albi : Just forget about it, Angela

His voice raw, natural and without filter seduces her coach since the beginning of the adventure. The young man has chosen the title Any mention of Angela. Mika accused him of hiding a little, then he had to discover the artist that was in him.

This is a dynamic that Albi has to be performed. Mika has even got up to dance to the rhythm of his show. “It has super good sung. He communicates with his voice, with his way of talking and moving. We saw a super performance. I forgot where I was. It was fun and the space, “explained his coach. “It is impressive, “said Soprano.

Whitney : Shallow Lady Gaga

Only 19 years old, Whitney has impressed with his vocal power. It is Shallow of Lady Gaga that she has chosen to impress on the plateau. After having mentioned his illness which blocks its movement due to the stress, she put herself in the skin of a diva, the time of its delivery.

It is a time of strong emotions that Whitney has provided us with this recovery. Once again, she demonstrated that she had the voice and thus, his place at this stage of the competition. Mika told him that she had deployed her wings and that she had made an interpretation that is tender and strong. “What interpretation extraordinary. Just with this service, tell yourself that tonight, you’re a star, “said Soprano.

London Loko : Grenada Clara Luciani

The Talent has been lucky. At the end of the battle, Mika has made the decision to keep it, as well as its competitor Albi. This is Grenade by Clara Luciani that she has chosen. In tears, she spoke about the criticism she had received on social networks. Of the negative comments that have made it even stronger.

It is so sure of herself that she made the show on the shelf. Sublime costume glittery, she lit up the evening of his distinctive voice and his interpretation full of sensibility. “Here’s the proof that the strength of the determination and the strength can explode, “quipped Mika. He pointed out that if she was shy during the rehearsals, she has shared her battle this evening. His willingness to fight despite what one may say about it has taken over. “It is a fighter. It intrigues me, but I love it. She gave a lot tonight, “said Jenifer. She was then advised to protect themselves from people malicious and focus on his passion.

The Talents of Mika , chosen by the public are Whitney and Gjon”s Tears. Between Albi and London Loko, Mika has chosen London Loko. Albi is thus eliminated.


Clement : Somebody To Love by Queen

The sensitivity and the interpretations intense Clement have seduced from the beginning. This has once again established us in the face Fanswa the past week. Tonight, he chose Somebody To Love by Queen, one way to respond to people who criticized them on social networks. Song was quite perilous as much on the lyrics than the interpretation.

After an early show of any gentle, Clement has shown his strength and power. At the end, for example, he did not hesitate to climb into the acute and hold a note over several seconds. A performance ! “He is crazy. Since the first day, it only take songs that are at risk. (…) Thank you, you’ve ripped“, has launched its coach. “I think we all have the same feeling. It is as if we had discovered a new Talent and a potential winner. We didn’t recognize not at all, “said Mika. A nice contrast to Clement, who had presented to the season 6 of The Voice. But no one had returned.

Mayeul & Scam Talk : Come With Me Puff Daddy

The duo of multi-Talented, mixing electro and beatbox was still in the competition. The trio has made a bet on the Come With Me Puff Daddy. A title very complicated to sing. Soprano was concerned that it goes in all directions, so he alerted his Talents. Fortunately, the group has listened to his counsel.

Their flow and their energy made the difference on the shelf. “It is a song very energetic and I had asked them to channel to see the footprints of each. And this is what they have been able to do. Thank you !“, has entrusted their coach.

Vay : The song of old lovers Jacques Brel

The Talent continues to grow since the beginning of the competition. Impress her coach. For the first premium, he chose the title The song of old lovers Jacques Brel. A song that touches a lot because his father is sick. “At times, I find it hard to manage it, “reveals the young man.

The emotion was palpable in his voice, although he did not cry. For once, he put his cap show-man of side to show its sensitivity. Soprano has appreciated that he has cracked the armor and the rediscovered. “I think this young man is very touching. This is a real nice re-appropriation of a 20 year old young man, “said Julien Clerc.

Pledge : I promise you, Johny Hallyday

His voice, soul has allowed him to stand out at each step of The Voice 8. And for this first show live, it took on a big challenge : to take over I promise you, de Johnny Hallyday. His mother, of whom he is very close, love this tube, it is therefore desired him to honor. “I want her to know that she is my strength“, he explained in tears.

As usual, Gage was a hit. His desire to make a beautiful tribute to her mom was that emotion was at the rendezvous. On the technical side, he proved he had the bottle. Its rightness and its authenticity have been noticed. Soprano has appreciated that he has sung in French, and he has managed his stress. “I hope that your mom gets off, “concluded her coach.

The Talents of Soprano chosen by the public are Clement and Pledge. Soprano decides to keep Vay. Mayeul & Skam-Talk is eliminated.


Laureen : Your Marinara to Hoshi

Laureen is a true performer. This is what has seduced her coach. For this new challenge, she chose the title Your Marinara to Hoshi. Julien Clerc insisted on the fact that she was perfectly pronounce the words. The young woman was so careful with his diction once on the plateau.

After playing a few notes on the piano, she rose to continue her show. The energy and accuracy were once again at the rendezvous. “It was really well made. Thanks for the smile at the end. (…) I told him that if she could drag a small smile that would be great. In any case it was super, “said his coach.

Leonard : Fever by Peggy Lee

At the end of her duet with Clementine on He played the piano standing by Michel Berger for France Gall, Leonard was selected by his coach during battles. For the premium, he is issued a challenge by choosing Fever from Peggy Lee to put in before his voice, his spontaneity and authenticity.

The young man was much in the demo to give a beautiful show. It showed several pallets of his voice. Her coach was smiling, so it was a good sign. He gave warm to everyone on the board. Julien Clerc told him that he had done well to choose this song, rather than the one he had proposed to her (My preference). “You have all onboard, “said Mika.

Theophilus to Deny : The black eagle Barbara

Theophilus has won The Voice Belgium in 2017. And he would duplicate the feat in France. His goal for the first bonus was clearly seducing the audience with The black eagle Barbara. A title that he remade in his own way to get out of the lot. He also wanted to put his heart on the stage.

Theophilus to Deny has staked everything on his / her grain of voice. Smiling, he delivered a performance powerful. “You did wonderfully well sung, “said Jenifer. “This is a tough song to interpret. He has revisited it in his own way. It was important that it be done by force and without warning. I thank him for having done so. This song took flight as the black eagle, “said his coach.

Pierre Danaë : Petite Marie Francis Cabrel has proved that he was as good in French than in English.

Peter is a musician and singer without peer. Julien Clerc has been seduced by her signature voice. He has launched a challenge after the victory in the battles : sing a song in French. It is Petite Marie by Francis Cabrel that he has chosen to hope to access the second bonus. His coach advised him to concentrate on what he was singing.

With his guitar, Pierre Danaë has proven that he sang in French as well as English. Proud of him, his coach has said that this service had made him well. He discovered a new facet of his Talent that he very much appreciated.

The Talents of Julien Clerc chosen by the public are Leonard and Pierre Danaë. Julien Clerc decides to keep Laureen. Theophilus to Deny is thus eliminated.

Summary of the teams at the end of the premium :

Team Jenifer : Poupie, Sidoine, Leona Winter

Team Mika : Gjon”s Tears, Whitney, London Loko

Team Soprano : Clement, Vay, Pledge (stolen Mika)

Team of Julien Clerc : Laureen, Leonard, Pierre Danaë