[Then you look at ?] The Society on Netflix : the chaotic game of the series teenage

Teenagers are mysteriously transported, without a trace, to a facsimile of their wealthy city of New England. In order to return in their “real” city, but also to survive, alliances will need to settle in more quickly. This is not the first time that Netflix launches in the series for young adults, but this time, she made the bet to carry the topics related to gender, in a city cut off from all civilization. Freely adapted from His Majesty of the Fly‘s, the series is worn by Christopher Keyser and directed by Marc Webb (The Amazing Spider-Man) , Haifaa Al-Mansour and Tara Nicole Weyr.

The laborious entry in the field

For his driver, The Society takes miserably the feet in the carpet. Painstaking in its construction as in his incarnation, the pilot does not convince and we lament its simplicity story. The series can not install the main issues of the plot and the pilot leaves us unmoved. The Society does not take the time of the entry in the field. The characters are catapulted under the gaze of perplexed viewers. The series, wanting to explore a vastness of characters, fails to catch our attention.

The Society

The childish game of the series “young adult”

Jackets Quaterback, cups red and raging hormones, this is the recipe for The Society. Loaded into cliché, the series accumulates the errors of course and remains where it was expected, in epidermal. Caricatured, the protagonists embody all the commonplaces of the genre. The geek lovers, the popular girl, the insufferable rich kid, everything is there… Like open books, they indulge too quickly, too easily for that we are interested. By wanting to cover too much thematic, The Society is lost in the profusion of information and remains on the surface. The actors do their best to embody his shots in the street, but do not save the house.

The casting, Rachel Keller (Fargo) is not convincing in the role of the teenager and the head of the gang, and can’t rely on his cohorts to raise the level. Kathryn Newton, also in the cast of Pokémon : Detective Pikachu, is joined by Kristine Frøseth, interpreter of Nolla in The Truth about the case of Harry Quebert. Sean Berdy (Switched at Birth) saves the furniture, even if it has not the place it should have in the first episode. Erased, it is hoped that it will have more screen space to express themselves.

Themes overflown

In this first episode, the series does not work not to convey the anguish, the fear of the characters and it is a pity. This company, however, sold in the title, is not explored and you’re more interested in the amourettes of the Quaterbacks to the issues of isolation. Between two nights and crises of love, The Society briefly discusses the coexistence between the two teenagers. References to political, religious, and societal are thrown into the plot, as a stone into the pond. Too didactic, the driver delivers to us all (thin) lines of reflection on a silver platter. To want to be too verbose, the series does not hear, and there remains only one thing, the insipid relationship between the protagonists.

During a scene, however, the work of Keyser deconstructs the patterns and surprises us. The game of chance that is played we plot, for a moment. It would seem that the time is not fantastic and making the bet to get interested in the characters more than the mystery, the series could have found its way. The second episode is better than the first one and raise a little the machine. If the error plot is not erased, for all that, the plot falls into place and could reserve good surprises. The condition of success : that the series explores what it puts in the driver.

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The end of the second episode pique our curiosity. The situation is escalating and the series finally enters the heart of the matter. Survival is the main issue and each will have to fight to survive one more day. The Society is available at this time on Netflix.