They turn a pornographic video in a Tesla with the autopilot

Source : @Pornhub

The famous firm of Elon Musk is everywhere, and invites the same in porn. Tesla has indeed become the number one search on the site Pornhub following the release of their first pornographic video filmed in a Tesla autopilot running on the highway.

The site proudly displays its video, and the possibility of him as offered to the firm of Elon Musk of not having to put the hands on the steering wheel to move.

As for the actress, Taylor Jackson, she is also very proud to have been able to push Tesla’s number one research.

By becoming the first actress to shoot a pornographic video in a Tesla auto-pilot, Taylor Jackson is without a doubt a pioneer. The problem is that the success of this video on the platform of video canadian, likely to incite other persons to engage in the adventure.

Yet in spite of an automatic system for controlling extremely advanced, this technology does not have to go without driver. It is, moreover, perfectly illegal.

You could see it coming. Sex in an autonomous car was always going to happen at one time or another, and this video is the incarnation. However, the technology developed by Tesla is not (yet) safe enough to allow the passengers to engage in other spots.

The distraction is still deadly in drivers of autonomous cars. The autopilot is still a driving aid rather than a primary means to drive a vehicle. This technology has been designed to “relieve” the driver, although it must always be alert with both hands on the steering wheel, ready to take over manually at any time.

If Musk has not responded to this video, the boss of Tesla told investors recently that the technology autopilot for Tesla should allow passengers to move clear of the steering wheel by the end of next year. It is therefore more than a matter of time. By then, there may be however a good idea is that Elon Musk reminds the public that this is not yet done.

In the meantime that the technology developed by Tesla evolves, and as the act still requires to keep his hands on the steering wheel, do not attempt to send you in the air in an autonomous car, it could be carried out very literally. The technology is still too young, and you could well lose their lives before reaching orgasm.