Thierry Ardisson left C8 : “quality has a price”

It is safe, this Saturday, may 18, everyone is talking about. The website of the newspaper Le Parisien has revealed that Thierry Ardisson is leaving the chain of the TNT, C8. The facilitator for the currently controls emissions Earthlings Saturday ! and The Earthlings, Sunday !.

I will not be on C8 at the start of the year. The chain no longer afford Ardisson and his team. And I don’t want to make the tv low cost under the yoke of the accounting. (…) The point of divergence is on the means necessary to make a good and beautiful program, as those that to me are worth a site dedicated to the INA [national audiovisual Institute], coffers, hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and many documentaries. Quality has a price“, let go of the black man, according to comments reported by Le Parisien. He would even have pleaded his cause with the much maligned boss Vincent Bolloré, the largest shareholder of the chain…

Thierry Ardisson must announce its decision to break her engagement with the channel of the Canal + group, by issuing a press release. The facilitator worship did not fail to point out that this financial problem is unfortunate, because his talk show of the weekend works well side at level of hearings. “By adopting a system of calculating emissions to be comparable, it is at the million viewers in spite of the 27 Saturdays yellow Vests where the info strings, and JT came out on top“, he says.

The husband of the journalist Audrey Crespo-Mara will no doubt be sought in the great mercato of summer… “I’m going to take care of my teams, and I will proclaim before you the summer of my next activities in the talk show, the flow and the fiction“, he added.

Thomas Montet