Thierry Beccaro and the off-Motus : “After 35 years, it is necessary to know how to say ‘stop'”

On may 6, 2019, Thierry Beccaro has announced he no longer wished to animate Motus, after thirty-five years of France Télévisions and 29 seasons as the presenter of the program. A few days later, the chain announced the shutdown of the program. The facilitator 62-year-old speaks out on his decision to leave and that of France 2 to put an end to the famous game.

After 35 years, it is necessary to know how to say ‘stop’, not to lock himself in the image of the old moderator of Motus when there are so many things that I want to do, in particular with the theatre, and now with UNICEF, with which I am recently engaged, “explains Thierry Beccaro to Tele-Leisure. No longer animate the game is his choice, and it announced in September last in the direction. “It has asked me to be discreet, not divulging, I did not even tell the teams that has been difficult for me. It was a contract of trust, I was waiting for this deadline, precisely in order to preserve the continuity of Motus,” he says.

Now that everyone is aware, the teams that are now the last numbers with him “saddened” and “disappointed, without doubt,‘not to have been warned before. In regards to stopping of the broadcast, the presenter said : “It would have been able to continue without me. (…) Yes, I think that this game could still walk. I could see Damien Thévenot, the resume for example. Samuel Etienne has taken Matters to a champion after Julien Lepers and it works. These are the games strong.”