Thierry Beccaro : Motus stops after his departure

This is a new that is making a lot of noise. On may 6, 2019, Thierry Beccaro has announced he no longer wished to animate Motus, after thirty-five years at France Televisions and 29 seasons at the head of the program. The facilitator 62-year-old wants to focus on other projects.

After this departure is a surprise, the direction of France Télévisions has decided to not renew Motus at the start of the school according to the information of Paris. “There are in all nine games on France 2 and France 3. It is too much, “says Takis Candilis, number 2 of the group. A source close to the leadership has entrusted it : “One turns the page. This is not the sudden infant death syndrome. Motus has kept its promises for thirty years and has always performed. But today, the offer is too bloated.

Thierry Beccaro turn and the last numbers in the next month, for broadcast until the end of August. For the time being, the chain reflecting it to the solution so as to not lose viewers to the time slot of Motus (10.50-11.20). “Several tracks are being considered, including the rebroadcast of the series A if the sun is high or youth programs transferred from France 4 after the closure of the chain by 2020, “write our colleagues. Recall that the program met 591 000 faithful (14.7% audience share).

If Motus stops, this is not the case of the other emission history Of numbers and letters, launched in 1972. Good news for the presenter Laurent Romejko. “There’s a real symbolic around this program, which remains a brand to be very strong, insists on France Télévisions. One can imagine rather a revival in its form, its visual, “explains a member of the executive board in Paris.