This text generator-doped AI, can you answer… And help you write stories

It is not always easy to understand the working of an artificial intelligence. It must be said that this technology finds applications in many areas. It has a nice move at high speed, it is still quite difficult to make conversation with a bot without the place in great difficulty. This is particularly the case when the questions are more open-ended.

The site will nevertheless enable you to see the progress in this field. Developed by computer engineer canadian Adam King, it is based on the work coming out of the research laboratory of OpenAI. This laboratory has recently unveiled a new system of language that operates by the artificial intelligence named GPT-2 and the site in question allows you to enjoy it in a version of ” reduced “, only in English for the moment.

Thus, it is possible to ask questions, but also to start a sentence and let him finish it. The result is far from perfect, but some of the answers generated are rather bluffantes. This is also the case when he takes over as with our examples below.

The Rod specifies that he is even able to identify well known characters of the saga like Harry Potter or the Lord of The Rings. However, the system does not include the text in a broad sense. It offers a more consistent surface, but not on a long-term structure.

Still not enough to shake the media… But this does not, perhaps early ! One can in any case be done to see how such a technology could take over administrative texts, but also improve the support of customers remotely. Until our AI began to write best-sellers.