Tiffany (Married at first sight), his sick daughter : “We got trouble”

This is not the great form for Romy, (1 year old), the daughter of Tiffany and Justin. After having been challenged by the subscriber concerning his absence on Instagram, the former candidate of Married at first sight explained that this was because her baby was sick.

Romy is not wrong to be sick. We had a lot of ups and downs. I’m not bad saoulée. Ten days ago, we went to SOS Doctor because she had 40 fever. I was told that she had a small except that me, I saw that she had a lot of white in the mouth. So I thought that she had thrush. But the girl I was making up me saying : ‘My poor girl, at 9 months, she was not lily of the valley.’ In the end, we were given antibios for ear infection. And there, she would not stop to scratch the ears limit to make it bleed, she wriggled in all the senses, it really was not well. But no fever, so I didn’t know if it was the return of ear infections, “said the young mother.

Concerned about this, Tiffany is so gone to a pediatrician deemed to be near her, to Herblay. And she noted that Romy was “infested lily of the valley” : “I’m really disgusted. It had started ten days ago but as it was not given treatment, it has spread into the esophagus, she has also in the mouth. (…) It is a treatment of three weeks. I’m a little dépitée. I care for Romy which is really not in shape, the poor I think it must be the itch everywhere.

Thewife of Justin did not hide that she wanted a little not to have followed his intuition. And she asked her subscribers if they had not of the little tips to help Romy.

It should be noted that the thrush is a mild infection caused by Candida albicans, a fungus that develops in the mouth of the child. It is manifested by white spots or white patches on the tongue, on the inside of the cheeks, and lips.