Tiffany (Married at first sight) : Romy sick, new little reassuring

The adventures continue for Tiffany and Justin. Sunday may 12, 2019, in the late afternoon, the ex-participant from Married at first sight (M6) was given news of her daughter Romy (9 months). But before that, she again explained what she had experienced these last few days.

Therefore, some have learned that there are about two weeks, Tiffany had made with his daughter at SOS Doctors because she was afraid she has thrush. But the doctor assured him that it was all wrong and that Romy had an ear infection. However, the young mom was right, as she recalled : “So she was on Amoxicillin, with that famous physician of SOS Doctors who had not seen that it was infested lily of the valley. So, the following week, we dealt with thrush after having seen it.

But the infant still had 40 fever and was not going to be better. Tiffany and Justin went to the emergency room Saturday 11 may 2019. And they have made other discoveries terrible : “in The emergency room, I was told that in addition to not having seen the lily of the valley, the limitation of SOS Doctors was not good. He had been prescribed Amoxicillin three times so that apparently it only takes two times. The otitis media has been badly treated, so she ends up with a double ear infection. Who says double ear infection new treatment. So she was under the Augmentin.

Lack of luck, Romy has been “a mega allergy“. “Shewas vomiting so jet” and “had buttons that were coming out of everywhere“. “It was a disaster. We had to stop the Augmentin. There it will get better, but it doesn’t solve the problem of double otitis media. She has super ears hurt, “said Tiffany. The pretty family is not, therefore, at the end of his sentences.

So much so that the beautiful brunette is concerned that his piece of cabbage is in the process of developing “a large roseola” : “It has plates that are beginning to happen everywhere in the back. I looked at the buttons of it on the internet and it looks like strongly. As it’s been 4-5 days that it was 40… I’ll let you know.