Tim Cook on the parental control tools and on the “crisis” of the surveillance

Tim Cook has taken advantage of its end-of-week to answer a few questions of the ABC on several topics. The one that has occupied the media scene these past few days, it is the parental control, with the removal of third-party apps leveraging tools for fleet management.

The CEO of Apple says to begin with that the economic model of its business is to sell its iPhone. “But I don’t want you to use too much of our product ” : “What we want is that our products enrich your life, they allow you to do things you could not do it without them “.

Where the Time function screen introduced with iOS 12, that allows users to keep abreast of the use they have of their devices. And, where appropriate, to review their habits to spend less time on it. Tim Cook agrees : it has changed nothing for him, he still spends as much time behind their screens.

On the other hand, its use of notifications has changed, he realized that he dégainait too often his iPhone : about 200 times per day. “I thought it was half that “. It indicates also receive a lot of emails from parents who have “excellent ideas ” to improve the control options of the devices of their children.

There is no standard for being a parent. People have different visions of what they want to allow their children or not “, he explains. “This can make me seem reasonable [to a child] may not be may not be for my neighbor “.

Tim Cook, however, has not indicated if Apple were to offer an API parental control to apps that request it. On the other hand, it suggests that new features will be offered in screen Time (read : parental Control : the editors rejected from the App Store ask for a public API).

Another concern of Tim Cook, the respect for private life in what he describes as the ” crisis monitoring “. A battle horse was well known to the boss of Apple, to which the online services that collect data on their users are worse than the voyeurs who hide behind windows to spy on you : “[These services] know much more about you than voyeurs “.

When you ask him the question about the contradiction that there are to make money on apps distributed by the App Store that violate the privacy, Tim Cook replied that Apple does not hit anything on Facebook. In regards to Google, the situation is different according to him.

The manufacturer generates revenue through Google, which is the default search engine of Safari, a privilege that brings a lot to the Apple. More importantly, it allows Apple to offer Safari ” the best browser for the web “.