To make its product ranges, Perfect Tempo slows down or speeds up the songs

Perfect Tempo is an application niche, the object of which is to slow down or speed up the playback of a song. The interest will not drop in the eyes (or ears) of the greatest number, but for musicians who are looking to replicate a specific song, or the dancers to perform a choreography, the application will be of great help.

The app draws in the music library embedded in the iPhone, in Apple Music for little that the user or subscriber, or from a folder in the cloud thanks to the support of the application Files. Access is also direct with the library, Just Press Record, the same editor, which allows you to record voice memos.


After you have selected the song, the music player allows you to slow down (-50%) or speed up (+50%) the playback with a slider. Each increment of 1% is ” magnetized “, which facilitates the handling, but it is true that we would have liked to enter a percentage (the companion Apple Watch contains the + and – buttons, which makes the setup of the speed finally easy). Simply touch the button Tempo to regain the normal speed. A repeat option of the song is also available.

Further refinement, it is possible to create a loop of an excerpt : just double-tap the button repeatedly to determine the entry and the end of the desired section. This application is not new. In fact, it is available on the App Store since… 2013 ! But to the favor of the 3.0 version, its interface has been completely redesigned and it offers access to Apple Music and Files.