Tom Petty : After the death of the singer, it degenerates between his wife and his daughter

Death at age 66 on October 2, 2017, the victim of a medication overdose accidental, then, that he had just completed the tour of the 40th anniversary of his Heartbreakers, Tom Petty would be heart broken to see the war without mercy between his eldest daughter, Adria, and his last wife, Dana.

While the two women spoke in one voice after the autopsy of the mortal remains of the artist, sharing the exact circumstances of his disappearance and are keen to opena public debate on the crisis of opiates“, they are not on the same wavelength in terms of heritage and of respect for the memory of the deceased. To such A point that Dana York, who had married Tom in 2001, is opposed again to his daughter-in-law, after a previous marriage to the musician, on the ground of justice.

After having brought an action against Adria and her sister, Annakim, accusing them of wanting to seize the royalties of unreleased tracks from Tom Petty Dana York was discovered that the eldest daughter intended to use the name of his deceased father to launch a brand of products for broad distribution. What she was opposed, believing that the fans of the singer would be écoeurés that his name and his image to be thus perverted.

Adria wanted to allow the use of the name and the image of Tom to promote products way Paul Newman, whose face adorns bottles of dressing and other. But Tom would never have allowed this, he has never “sold” in his lifetime, and has refused to accept this kind of thing, despite many proposals, “says a document filed by the widow before a court and whom the New York Post has had access to. For its part, Adria, who operates as a director and author in New York, says that his mother-in-law seeks to appropriate illegitimately income generated by the intellectual property of Tom Petty.

The war that they are engaging just to experience a new episode then that Dana has documented the tensions that exist in particular about the upcoming release of an anthology posthumous. It was thus made part of the record of the SMS “insulting” to Adria, who disapproves of the visual chosen for this compilation of four CDS that must be named an American Treasure : “Frankly, it looks like a joke of bouseuse… Don’t come fuck up what I work on for months. You have no compassion and do not see how this project and the tribute that I give. To me thou hast not allowed my own grief in a different way… You act like a conn***e in front of my friends and me discrédites. You are a woman, very selfish and malevolent. You can play the trial if you want, you have only to say.” And, in fact, Dana York asked the judge that Adria and her sister are being driven out of the trust, managing the heritage of Tom Petty, who, in his last will, was it to collaborate all three. This is not won…