Top Chef 2019 : Alexia eliminated, Samuel and William in the finals !

The adventure Top Chef (M6) is almost at its end ! After 12 weeks of competition, they are no more than three to compete for the victory : Alexia, William and Samuel. This Wednesday, may 1st, on the occasion of the semi-final, everyone imagines his own test and one of them will be permanently eliminated. Summary of the episode.

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Pan-fried trompe l’oeil sweet

Samuel begins : he proposed to his comrades to revisit the traditional dish of a country that is dear to his heart. Against all odds, he is not from Japan, but… from Belgium ! With Alexia and William, they are going to have to reinvent the pan-fried trompe l’oeil sweet. A test to perform in 1: 30.

Samuel, assisted by Philippe Etchebest, knows perfectly what he is going to propose : of the shells in chocolate and khaki for the mussels, coconut puree and rum to the navy stripes, mint in place of the persil and chips of mango soaked in the cocoa butter and yellow dye. For the mayonnaise, the candidate takes his with a coconut sauce that it will turn yellow. On the advice of the chef who requires a bit more acidity, Samuel dips his khakis in a pineapple juice.

On his side, Alexia galley a bit more… Not very inspired by the theme, it ends up begin in preparation with the help of Jean-François Piège. She made churros as chips, uses mango and charcoal for the mussels. The marinara is made from yoghurt sauce, lemon and tarragon.

Finally, William, the foal of Michel Sarran, launches into the following recipe : shells in chocolate and khaki cooked the mussels, fries, mango and bread crumbs, marinara base of coconut, lemongrass, ginger and coriander as well as mayonnaise, gel, passion, lemongrass and hazelnut oil. But when it démoule his false mussels, Guillaume realizes that they break all of them ! Fortunately, it makes up for in repeating its preparation.

Place the tasting for Hélène Darroze and Guy Krenzer, chief executive and Creative director Lenôtre, as well as the Best Worker of France. The duo has preferred a plate of Samuel, in front of those of Alexia and William.

The galette bretonne to crepe pan

At the turn of William to impose its theme : revisiting the galette bretonne in terms of gastronomy. Small detail not negligible : it has removed all the stoves of the kitchen, replaced by crêpières !

Guillaume prepares a cake of dried topped with a jelly of the county, egg confit, mousse with bacon and a shaving of parmesan-bacon-ham-mimolette.

Samuel has never made buckwheat pancakes. It starts with the following recipe : siphon cream cheese so sauce mornay, galette ham way maki, quail egg to the dish. It adds the buckwheat crispies for the crunch.

Alexia chooses to embark on a siphon comté and parmesan, an egg yolk marinated in cider vinegar, bacon confit, and tiles of cake.

During the tasting, Hélène Darroze, and Patrick Bertron, chef 2 stars, consider that the best plate is that of Guillaume. Once again, no points.

Dessert gourmet blueberry, wood and hay

Alexia is the last to propose his test : make a dessert gourmet with only three ingredients, bilberry, wood and hay. It was during a cooking course at Copenhagen she discovered this surprising mix.

Alexia works of the meringue and an ice cream from the wood of the trap with hay and a compote of blueberries.

Samuel embarks on the preparation ofa panna cotta in the hay, a coulis of blueberries, blueberries, a compote of blueberries, and a sorbet in the wood. On the advice of Philippe Ethebest, it adds the meringue to the blueberry.

Guillaume makes a meringue smoke, ice, hay, a panna cotta in the woods, a candied blueberry and a foam of blueberry. It adds a broth of wood to the blueberry.

It is the time of the tasting, for Hélène Darroze, and Emmanuel Renaut, chef of 3-stars. Finally, Samuel and William are doing better than Alexia and qualify for the final ! The young woman is eliminated.