Top Chef 2019, the final : the condition imposed by The prod’ finalists

After fourteen weeks of competition, Top Chef season 10 is nearing its end. Samuel and William will compete in the final on Wednesday may 8, 2019 on M6. They will have the task of preparing a gourmet menu for 100 guests, and that’s it ! But in fact, what is the budget for this ?

They offer a plate of lobster or a dish made from corn, the two finalists of Top Chef does not have a budgetary limit. This is what the production says with our colleagues from the magazine Tele 2 Weeks. “They have no budget constraints, lance-t-on. It ensures, however, that it is not only noble materials.

If they are not required to adhere to a certain amount, William and Samuel have had to work their menu for the final weeks before the shooting. Indeed, the production request, the detail of the dishes offered as well as the list of ingredients to provide one month in advance. And it is Vincent Meslin, head of the régie kitchen, which helps the candidates to estimate the quantities.

Recall that in this grand finale of the birthday season of Top Chef, Samuel and Guillaume will be required to prepare a complete meal for 100 volunteers of the Red Cross, as well as the four chefs , Philippe Etchebest, Michel Sarran, Hélène Darroze and Jean-François Piège. The meal will consist of an entrance, a dish, and a dessert… all in just ten hours ! Fortunately, the two finalists of the culinary competition will be able to count on the help of former comrades who had come especially to lend them a hand.

That of Samuel or William will win this season 10 of Top Chef ? Meeting this Wednesday 8 may 2019 from 21 on M6 in order to follow the grand finale of the program !