Top Chef 2019, the final : Samuel winner in the face of Guillaume !

After 14 weeks of competition, they are no more than two to compete in the grand finale of Top Chef 10 on M6. Samuel and William have proven all along to have their place in the competition and will do anything to win. Summary of the last episode of this birthday season !

Composition of brigades and menu

For this final exception, Samuel and William are going to have to concoct, with the help of their former comrades, a full meal – appetizer, entree, dessert – gourmet for the four chefs , Philippe Etchebest, Michel Sarran, Hélène Darroze and Jean-François Piège as well as 100 volunteers of the Red Cross. The event takes place in the very luxurious Royal Palaceis a 5-star hotel in Evian, on lake Geneva. But before throwing in 10 hours of preparation, the two finalists will make up their teams.

Brigade of Samuel : Florian, Damien, Merouan and Marie-Victorine.

Brigade of William : Baptist, Alexia, Maël and Camille.

The brigades are made up, the time is in the kitchen ! Samuel and William show their menu to their peers and to share the tasks. Without surprise, the candidate Blue offers dishes of asian flavors. For his part, William relies entirely on the Brittany, his native region.

Menu of Samuel

– Entry : ravioli of foie gras and Saint-Jacques, yuzu, the late kosho.

– Dish : salmon roasted with miso, cannelloni of cabbage, sauce, tangerine.

– Dessert : the chocolate and the apple with a little hat to Magritte.

Philippe Etchebest was feared that the 100 judges do not attach with the kitchen too modern for Samuel but he is reassured. The head is conquered by the associations proposed by the applicant. Beyond the menu of franco-asian, he said he was impressed by the idea of the dessert trompe-l’oeil.

Menu of Guillaume

– Input : sandwich of spider crab, lemon cream, cream of broccoli, basil, juice of spider.

– Dish : filet de Saint-Pierre, spinach, potatoes, juices of shellfish with truffle.

– Dessert : lemon praline.

A menu that looks like Guillaume, and Michel Sarran believes consistent. Dishes, simple, delicious… but without surprise. This is what might worry the chief of brigade of the finalist. For this to work, it must be that William and his team take everything to perfection !

Stress and pressure in the kitchen

Team of Samuel : For the first time, Philippe Etchebest does not recognize her as a candidate. The runner-up short-in every sense. What worried the chief, who is afraid that his candidate is tired and does not take up to the end of the test. This is not the only doubt of Philippe Etchebest : he is afraid that Samuel is launched in preparations too elaborate, that take too much time. “The secret of the final, it’s simple“, lance-t-il. Merouan joined the chef’s suggestions… Ultimately, Samuel listens to advice and changes the folding of her royan ! Another concern at the level of the dish : the cabbage will not be sufficient clearly not to treat 100 guests ! Fortunately, he finds a solution by adding Brussels sprouts to its preparation.

Team William : on his side, the young man is also in trouble on its input. Dissect spiders of the sea for 100 people is a real work of titan… Maël galley, William the crops, and help. Another concern : it will need to bake her Saint-Pierre at the last minute. Michel Sarran is not excited by the idea, but the candidate stands on his positions. While he seemed calm and serene, Guillaume is won by the stress due to the taste too bitter of his lemon in the dessert. After a few words the soothing of Michel Sarran, all returns in the order. At the time of launch, the dishes, the fish takes more time than expected to cook. Big time stress ! Other quack : the meringue of the dessert crumbles and Guillaume needs to review all its training.


While the four heads, and the 100 volunteers of the Red Cross discovered the plates of the finalists, only some members of the brigades can listen to the commentary.

Hélène Darroze, Michel Sarran, and Jean-François Piège are disappointed with the visual of the entrance. More importantly, they find that the broth is too spicy. The entry of Guillaume is found to be too simple. “There’s not a lot of work in terms of dressing, “says Jean-François Piège. On the side of the volunteers, the two inputs make their effect !

Despite the wait, the flat-Guillaume pleasing to the eye… and the taste ! The chiefs welcome even the beautiful cooking of the fish. Small catch : the juice of shellfish, not exceptional. The flat of Samuel please also but Hélène Darroze is that “it lacks a bit of generosity at the level of the trim“. Finally, everything is balanced, good and it works ! For their part, the 100 guests enjoyed the two plates.

Last row right : the dessert. The plate of Samuel bangs in the eye of the chefs ! To taste, they find it light and well-executed, successful mission ! The sweet William likes a little less visual, but the candidate catches up to the tasting : tastes are waiting for you. Volunteers are succumbing to the visual of Samuel. The dessert of Guillaume does not seduce at first sight. Fortunately, it is good !

Result of the votes of the heads

Hélène Darroze has been awarded five points each.

Jean-François Piège was awarded five points each.

Michel Sarran has granted five points each.

Philippe Etchebest gave five points to each.

At this point, Samuel and William are equal. Recall that each of the 100 guests also has 10 points to assign to two finalists.

And the winner is…

Several months after the shooting, Samuel and William were reunited with their train of life. The first returned to Tokyo, where he was private chef to the Ambassador of Belgium who encouraged him from the beginning. On his side, it is in Brest, in Brittany, in his own restaurant, Guillaume welcomes the cameras of M6. The candidate has opened his establishment with his lover, Marlene.

The two finalists will gather at the Four Seasons Hotel George V, palace, the most michelin-starred of Europe, in order to discover the verdict in the presence of their loved ones. Samuel, moved to tears, delivers a speech touching in front of family and friends. Guillaume is also moved in the face to everyone who supports it.

Philippe Etchebest, Michel Sarran, Hélène Darroze and Jean-François Piège found each of the finalists. It is time to know the name of the winner.

The big winner of Top Chef 2019 is Samuel with 53,08% of the votes !