Top Chef 2019 – Samuel winner : “It was no big thing…”

The games were tight in the grand final of Top Chef 10 on M6 ! And finally it is Samuel who emerged grand winner of the contest. The candidate has made the difference in the face of Guillaume in particular thanks to its dessert trompe-l’oeil. With Purepeople.comit is book after his victory.

What is it makes you to be the winner of Top Chef ?
A lot of pride ! I am very happy to have won this edition. Especially that for 10 years the bar was set very high, all the candidates were really at the bottom and the level was very very high. There were many candidates who deserved to win, so very, very happy to be the winner. But I also take the habit to say that for me this year there are two winners because, with Guillaume, we are very friends, it has played not much and I think we deserved both to win.

What have you felt during the ceremony of knives ?
A lot of pride because all of my relatives are there. Even if I live abroad, I keep a very strong link with them. They were 50 to be come to, so obviously explosion of enormous joy, a great moment of unforgettable emotion with them.

How reacted your loved ones ?
They were sure that I was going to win, they thought about it very hard. They were really behind me since the beginning they have a lot backed out because Top Chef is a marathon, and I think you need a certain entourage to help us. They really were très très très très proud, I think of my dad, my mom… to all my loved ones. They were all very happy for me and I am very happy to have shared this victory with them.

You have been eliminated and then you end up the big winner… would you have imagined ?
My course is really unusual, and I think that I am a candidate a little special, I live abroad, I’m out… But life is like that, everything is not always a long quiet river. It’s part of my journey, I had a small moment of weakness at the half of the course. I’m a little bit left to go, I paid cash with a process of elimination. I have been fortunate that for the last few seasons of Top Chef there is a return of the eliminated, I said to myself that I wasn’t going to go on a plate like that. I’m back with a different mentality, I knew that I no longer had the right to be wrong, that you should not let go and go until the end !

I’m a little bit left to go, I paid cash

How did you react to the final against your old team mate Guillaume ?
It was a great time. It has not been a part of the fun in a sense because it was really 10 hours is very complicated but I took a lot of pleasure because I was faced with my super buddy. We were together all the two and this was not really a final… In all cases, the one who won, the other was happy for him. There was a state of mind very healthy and I have a lot of fun to do against and with William.

Think that something in particular has played in your favour ?
My father told me that this is my dessert that made me win. I don’t know, I don’t know what was the vote of the people, what was said… it is true that It has been difficult. I was afraid that the broth is too spicy, the salmon, unfortunately, was expected so it was a little over-cooked. Even if I have been paying attention to the temperature, the plates were already in the oven, it was complicated. The dessert with the cell that breaks down three times… It was a real way of the cross this final. But I think that it is the whole of the three dishes, the menu that wowed and who made me win. But very few things, ultimately, it is for this reason that I think there is two winners this year for Top Chef.

How did you experience your first television experience ?
It is really special, it is a world apart. It takes getting used to, it takes even a few weeks, but now I am well suited. I think it is a little like the kitchen, it is necessary to know to adapt. I’m not I think the candidate who is the best tv, but at least I stayed myself.

What has changed in your life since the show aired ?
I’ve been lucky enough to be abroad, so obviously I have less awareness of the everyday in relation to some candidates who are in France. But it has brought me much recognition, even at the international chefs who are friends in Tokyo or elsewhere. It’s been really fun, and it is thanks to Top Chef.

Are you stressed out by the after the final ?
No, I’m not all that stressed. What is sure and certain, and I had already told my loved ones, it is that Top Chef, and that I am the first one eliminated or the winner, it won’t. I am as I am, and hype or not, I will stay the same, I will always love the same people.

I will stay the same, media coverage or not

What have you learned from Top Chef ?
I learned to question myself. Top Chef this is a good kick in the butt for a career. I think that it should not be resting on its laurels. I get to 30 years old, I wanted to give myself a new challenge and what a challenge to Top Chef ! It has taught me to be always at the bottom, never let go, to be competitor, always giving everything. It was an extraordinary opportunity to be able to participate in this competition.

What has changed in your kitchen ?
I think my cooking has evolved because necessarily the opinions of all these great chefs, today we speak of the heads 2, 3 stars ! All of their advice, I bus, with a very great attention, and inevitably this has helped me and it will help my kitchen to evolve, thanks to Top Chef.

What is your best memory ?

Necessarily it is the final ! The draw knives with my family, it is the best moment of the show in general. But there is also the encounter with William, with the other candidates. It was an exceptional season, it was all welded, very close. There were many candidates who deserved to be in the final, the level was very high. I will make a tribute because I think that we made a really nice season.

And the worst part ?
This is my disposal in the course of the journey, even if I was less well at this time. But it is also part of my experience, I assume.

What relationship do you have today with Philippe Etchebest and Michel Sarran ?
Today, I still have a very, very good communication with the chefs. I found that they were really of remarkable benevolence with us. They have a lot of respect for the candidates, we were almost treated as their equal, and it’s been extremely fun because we are far from it. But to see the attitude they have had towards us, it was really amazing ! I am sure that we will remain in contact even all four, with William, for a good time.

What are your plans ?
Today I am still in Tokyo. The ambassador ends his term in August, I couldn’t leave like that, I’ve always had very very good relations with him. He needs me up to his departure, he left me to go on Top Chef so I will not fall, it is a no-brainer.

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