Tornado and crocodiles unleashed in the first trailer of Crawl

” When a violent hurricane hit his hometown of Florida, Hayley ignores evacuation orders to go in search of her missing father. She is found badly wounded in the basement of the family home and realizes that they are both threatened by a flood progressing at an alarming rate. Then that snaps into place in a race against time to escape a hurricane by walking, Haley and her father to understand that the flood is far from being the most terrifying of threats that awaits them…”

Swimming under high-voltage

From the first seconds of the trailer, you’re warned, it’s going to scream… In the vein of Piranha 3D, the film promises a dose of jumpscares and plans nares. Nothing really innovative on the other hand on the side of the scenario that feels a little warm. The fans of the genre will certainly enjoy to find the director, discreet, 2015.

Already seen…

After the Horns and The 9th life of Louis Drax, with Alexandre Aja returns with Crawl, his long-footage horror. This is not the first time that the director tackles the underwater world, as it had in 2010 directed Piranha 3D. Aja uses Kaya Scodelario to embody its main character. The actress, previously seen in the saga Maze, found Barry Pepper (Maze 3). On the technical side, the director knows how to surround himself. He appeals to Maximus Alexander to photography, after a fruitful collaboration for The hills have eyes and Sam Raimi for the production. His thirteenth film is scripted by Michael and Shawn Rasmussen and Alexandre Aja himself.

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Crawl will be released in French theatre on July 24. All to the water !