Tressia (Moundir 4) hospitalized during the filming : It tells us more

The adventure Moundir and apprentices adventurers has been difficult for the candidates. Tressia, for example, has been a concern of health as she had entrusted him to Purepeople : “I had a urinary tract infection, which is mounted in the kidney. So I was a little in the hospital, but in the end, it’s going to.

The beautiful blonde 29-year-old then explained that his partner, Vincent was scarred all over. “I took my machete, I chopped wood and he came on my face. I had a hole in it. I burned my foot also putting it in the coals. I had a lot of stripes everywhere, “said the candidate 28-year-old. The duo was then told that during the shooting, the nerves were strained.

I was tense from morning to evening, so I’m confused with a lot of people. But it is very hard because there is a lack of comfort, we do not sleep well, you eat little…“, is justified Tressia. The former candidates of the Ch’tis have then revealed that the agreement was not at the rendez-vous with Sebastien, in particular, because he was “hyper-heavy“. “There was a lot of tangled. We nearly come to blows, “said the young woman.

Fortunately, the two candidates were very welded. It must be said that they know each other since many years. Tressia’s arrival in The Ch’tis in 2012 and since then they are friends. Remains to be seen whether their friendship allowed them to go up in the final of Moundir and apprentices adventurers 4.

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