Trey Songz daddy for the 1st time : the ex of Khloe Kardashian introduces her son

Trey Songz is dad ! The singer of 34 years announced the arrival of her little boy on Instagram. On may 16, 2019, he wrote in the caption of an adorable shot of the little boy : “My son, Noah. We are so grateful and happy.” Dressed in a onesie with printed black bear and white, Noah is peacefully asleep in a cradle marble. Trey Songz, whose real name is Tremaine Aldon Neverson, has not specified who is the mother of the child, which he wants to keep the anonymity.

The rapper had previously unveiled a black and white photo of his hand holding a cute little baby’s foot, the may 15, 2019. The announcement of the birth of his son was a real shock to his community. This is not new, however, Trey Songz has always wanted to start a family. “Je want children. I’ve wanted children for longer than you imagine. I raised all the children in my family. My little brother, who is 20 years old, just had her first baby. I remember when he was little, I was changing the diaper. Now it is him who makes it“, had entrusted the rapper in 2015, in the u.s. broadcast radio Breakfast Club.

Several personalities such as Kevin Hart, Drake , or 50 Cent have held to congratulate Trey Songz for this great and happy news. In 2016, he has lived a romance with Khloe Kardashian, who has been quite brief. Trey Songz has not been publicly in a relationship for months. A year ago, in march 2018, was accused of having assaulted a woman at a party.