US army : missile to the blades to reduce the number of collateral victims

According to the Wall Street Journal, it is in 2011 that the former u.s. president, Barack Obama, has asked the Department of Defense and the CIA to develop a missile reducing the number of civilian casualties. A missile classic explodes, killing not only the target, but also the humans around it.

A missile active

The Pentagon and the CIA have, therefore, worked on the R9X, is a variant of the missile is air-to-ground Hellfire. Its peculiarity is that it carries no explosive charge ; but at the approach of his target, he deploys the blades that cut everything in its path, including homes and cars. This missile would be called in-house ” flying Ginsu “, after a japanese knife…

The Department of Defense would have used the R9X a half-dozen times, the last time in January of this year. The CIA has used missile in February 2017 against the number 2 of the terrorist organization al-Qaeda, Abu Khayr al-Masri. You can see below that his car did not explode, the missile has broken through the roof of the vehicle :

Hard to say if this missile is still in service currently. Donald Trump has downgraded the efforts of its services in order to reduce the number of collateral victims.