USA: Trump would have lost more than a billion dollars in a decade

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United States these "New York Times" revelations come in the wake of the US Treasury's refusal to pass the president's tax returns to Congress 

Donald Trump's finances were in the Red between 1985 and 1994, the New York businessman having lost nearly 1.2 billion dollars in a decade, reported Tuesday the New York Times, which relies on tax documents.
These revelations came the day after the US Treasury refused to pass on to Congress the tax declarations of the US president, in a fight with the elected Democrats, a majority in the House of Representatives.

According to The New York newspaper's investigation, a regular target of Trump's criticism of the press, the financial health of the real estate tycoon and his companies was catastrophic at the time. The New York Times notes that Donald Trump has lost so much money that he was able to avoid paying any income tax for eight of the ten years examined. The newspaper did not know, however, whether the American tax authorities had carried out an audit of these declarations and had made any adjustments.

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In 1985, Donald Trump, for example, claimed to have lost $ 46.1 million, particularly with his casinos and hotels. Its various business continued to lose money each year for a total amount of $ 1.17 billion during this decade, writes the daily.

The NYT reports that it did not obtain the tax returns from Donald Trump but that it consulted them through a person with legal access. The Daily also reports that this decade is not the subject of the dispute between Democrats and the 45th president of the United States over the publication of his tax returns, as his opponents are interested in recent years.

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According to a lawyer for the president, who was questioned by the NYT, the newspaper's information "about the president's tax statements and his business thirty years ago is extremely inaccurate". By October, the paper had already turned its attention to the financial situation of Donald Trump, who is said to have received more than $ 400 million from his parents, in part as a result of tax evasion.