Vaimalama Chaves, his weight gain since Miss France : “I eat a lot…”

Vaimalama Chaves is known for his outspokenness. In fact, our beautiful Miss France in 2019, does not mince his words ! In the Face of criticism about her figure and in particular her weight gain, the pretty brunette of 24 years old doesn’t let. In front of the cameras of 50′ Inside on TF1, she responds to those who think it is too big.

Accompanied by Maeve Coucke, Malika Menard, Marine Lorphelin, Flora Coquerel et Sylvie Tellier for her journey of integration in Martinique, the beautiful and bears its lovely curves in a swimsuit. “I know I’ve gained weight… and it suits me, lance Vaimalama Chaves. Well, yes, I eat ! And I eat a lot because it is not in my culture all of these gourmet foods that I present. So I take advantage of to discover.

After being explained on his weight gain since his election, the beauty queen responded to attacks on her physical appearance : “And even if it is true that this is not the image that you can have a Miss France, well, it’s the same when I am there !” Moreover, that which was the successor to Maeve Coucke has no intention to change : “I like to eat, I love to laugh and talk loudly, and laugh, and sleep. And I’ll continue to be like that, whether you like it or not. Then good luck because you still have nine months to support me guys !

Remember that the younger, Vaimalama Chaves was overweight and suffered the ridicule of his comrades up to be the target of a real harassment. Difficult moments that have forged it. “At the time, I didn’t recoil. The gossip affected me a lot. But since then, I’ve read, I thought about it, I’ve matured. And I realized that my happiness could not depend on the gaze of others. What people think or say, it is looking at them. I don’t want to let them dictate to me their law ! (…) Between being a Miss well in the flesh, but full and smiling, and to be a Miss any thin with abs but frustrated, towerling and hungry, I chose my camp !“, had it launched to our colleagues from the Gala last march.