Valerie Trierweiler and her companion : a Tribute to their president, Julien Lauprêtre

Other figures, close to the association, were present, as the singer Nicoletta and her husband Christophe Molinier, the actress Saïda Jawad, journalist Isabelle Alonso, the comedian Christophe Alévêque and his companion, the actress Serena Reinaldi, the animator Marc-Emmanuel Dufour (who presented the magazine of solidarity All together) or even actor Christian Rauth, godfather of the association.

Julien Lauprêtre, a former resistant and Grand officer of the Legion of honor, was in particular a lot for the children, distributing gifts and organizing the days at the sea for the “forgotten holiday“. At city hall, mayor Anne Hidalgo is back on this course, which is entirely devoted to the will of a helping hand.

Until the end, it was this, said a few days ago, Corinne Makowski, national secretary of the association. He will be missed by all the people of the Secours populaire, but especially to society, which needs more people like him.