Vanessa Paradis, boo at Cannes : “I heard the insults… it was horrible”

Vanessa Paradis begins this may 13, 2019 a new tour with a concert in Courbevoie. The artist, 46-year-old door on stage the songs of his last album, The Sources, several of which were written by her husband, Samuel Benchetrit. In a large interview with the World, she looks back on her amazing journey, marked by the early success of Joe le taxi in 1987, when she was not 15 years old.

For a few years, Vanessa Paradis has suffered from a misunderstanding. It took for a product, a product pummeled on the airwaves and on television. If Joe the taxi has passed 3 million copies, the young teen has to pay the price of this notoriety at the high school, where his classmates are not soft, but also during the Midem, Marché international de l’édition musicale, in January 1988, in Cannes. In front of an audience of professionals, Vanessa Paradis is whistled during his performance – and what courage does it take to whistle at a girl on stage… “Horrible. I was direct, I was trying to sing along, to the jeers and shouts, the people threw me bottle caps, of the stuff that was doing poorly. I could not hear the music. But I have heard the insults. Then, I was supposed to come back for a second song.” Behind the scenes, his mother is there to reassure her, but also Guesch Patti : “In my dressing room, where I was in tears, my mother coaxed, and Guesch Patti, who was also head of sales with Stephen, was wonderful. She comforted me : ‘You will go there to show them that you do not have to do anything, you’re not gonna give them that pleasure !’ Then I came back. It builds character.

Then I came back. It builds character

For the parents of Vanessa Paradis, who accompany him throughout this adventure, the blow is a crushing loss : “It was awful for them to see the whole country banging on their child. I was a poop. A minicrotte. As a mother [ Lily-Rose and Jack Depp, ED], today, I wouldn’t support… They reassured me, wrapped in love, spared their conversations concerned. And they have not stopped telling me that I was not obligated to continue. With their calm, their philosophy is so wonderful, they asked me if it was worth it.” The top of its 15 years, Vanessa Paradis makes a decision that will mark the rest of his life : “I have decided that yes. I loved it that much. I’m focused on the music, the craftsmanship on the songs, to the pleasure of interpretation. My first album is out for my 15 and a half years.

To protect themselves, Vanessa Paradis stops the high school first. In 1989, a movie will change everything : it’s Noce blanche, Jean-Claude Brisseau, who passed away on may 11. This is the first film of the young woman. The shooting was complicated, as it had been imposed by the producers, while Brisseau wanted Charlotte Valandrey in the role of this young woman, in love with his professor (Bruno Cremer) of twenty-five years her senior. The film was a great success, and looks worn on Vanessa Paradis to change finally. She was then the César for most promising female, in 1990. In the aftermath, she published a second album, Variation on the same theme, of which the full text has been written by Serge Gainsbourg.

With already thirty-two-year career, Vanessa Paradis is conscious of his luck : “A life accelerated, I do not know, in any case rich in experiences. It was started by a successful, international career, while I didn’t have much ambition. I have been extremely privileged. Of course, this brand a personality. I was very relaxed. I don’t do the things, neither for the fame nor for commerce, but for the beauty of the art and because they please me. It is a luxury !

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