Video game : a subscription to play the catalog of classic GameClub

If GameClub is hard to adapt old games to iOS with the new cameras today, the economic model chosen will be very modern : to access the catalog is currently under development, it will be necessary to pay a tithe on a monthly basis. And, similar to Apple Arcade, the price of this subscription is still not known…

Dan Sherman, the CEO of GameClub, explains to Fast Company that the start-up will test several rates and see which one sticks best. A priori, the publisher will not sell the games to the piece as in eul’ a good old time. Users will need to download each game, and then enter the login details of their account in GameClub to enjoy it.

He thinks that the subscription is “the next emerging trend for games ” : “I see it as something that has the potential to be as important as in app purchases or advertising market “. Eli Hodapp, in charge of development, we had specified a few weeks ago that GameClub was experimenting with ” a number of possibilities for monetization, including the subscription “.

A subscription, after all why not, but it is necessary that the content be at the rendez-vous of course. The studio currently has the rights on 57 games, classic iOS premium which is no longer available on the App Store, or that have not been updated for ages. 18 of them have already been adapted for iOS devices, modern.

Not all of them will not safely stand the test of time. Titles like Chopper 2 (which is part of the selection) have enabled millions of users to master the accelerometer of their iPhone, but today it is a little pale. GameClub does not simply optimize older titles, the studio also wants to develop its own games in the style of the belle époque, where the advertising and in app purchases were not completely rotted the sector of mobile gaming. But the competition promises to be fierce…

In front, the ogre Apple Arcade comes forward with hundreds of innovative games signed by stars of the industry (read : Apple Arcade : a showcase playful for the Apple platforms). The lure of nostalgia and the discovery (for young students) will be enough there to push the players into the arms of GameClub ?

Of course, a good part of the success (or failure) of this formula is suspended, the price of the service : there is no doubt that in GameClub, they are expected to know what sauce Apple wants to eat the wallets of the players. The two services are expected to be available this fall. And then there is nothing to prevent the users to subscribe to multiple services, as is the case in the field of streaming video.