[VIDEO] We have visited the Apartment of the Future of Fnac Darty !

The apartment of the future, it is a space of over 500 m2 featuring the new technologies in the life of every day. During this video tour, we take you to visit each room and the secrets that they close. Between the living room, the projection room, the kitchen, the laundry room, the office or the rooms, the apartment of the future gives us a glimpse of how we will live tomorrow, combining home automation, household appliances, and other objects high tech.

In passing, it explains how the objects interact between them in each room. We thus find the printer in the living room, the washing machine is connected to leds that change color when washing is finished in the laundry room, the sofa Miliboo connected to a short-throw projector in the projection room, the dog Aibo from Sony, a TV 8K and The Frame of Samsung, screens that pass for tables in the lounge, or even the Sleepbuds home Bose or headphones Dreem 2 in the bedroom to help you sleep better… in Short, there are things to do, and the apartment of the future we all crave.

The visit to the apartment of the future is totally free. On the other hand, it will be necessary to register on the official website and book a specific date to get there. A confirmation e-mail will give you access to the sesame to push the doors of the future imagined by Fnac-Darty.

Address : 10 rue Charlot 75003 Paris