Virginie Efira deals with his sex scenes with his friend Niels Schneider

In Version Femina a few days ago, Virginie Efira had referred to his relationship with Niels Schneider in speaking of the intimate scenes that she has shot with him : “It is necessary to have a great trust in his director, especially when you have to turn scenes that are very intimate, as was the case in the film. This requires a letting-go particular. One feels sometimes that a filmmaker is still too shy to shoot scenes of love ; but Justine, she knew of my relationship with Niels,” she explains. The mother of the small Ali, 6 years old, addresses the topic again in Grazia : “For the sex scenes, I already have an intimacy with the actor, thus overcoming the first problem, the supposed ‘big problem’, to see what we can do to the image.” It does not say that it is easier “because you still work around this thing very immodest“. It adds, however : “But Niels told me a thing that is just, and that frees up a hell of a lot at the time of shooting : ‘A sex scene on the screen, it does not document on the actors, it tells the filmmakers. (laughter) It is them that can be seen in the nude !’.

Sybil, the story : Sibyl is a novelist converted to a psychoanalyst. Overtaken by the desire to write, she decides to leave most of his patients. While she is looking for inspiration, Margot, a young actress in distress, begs her to receive it. In the middle of shooting, she is pregnant, the lead actor… who is in a relationship with the director of the film. While she exposes his dilemma of passion, Sibyl, fascinated, secretly records. The word of his patient to feed its novel and plunges into the vortex of his past. When Margot pleads Sibyl join in Stromboli to the end of the shoot, everything is accelerating at a pace dizzying…