Virginie Efira : “With Ali, my daughter, we are extremely close,”

The course of Virginie Efira does not match, more often dreamed of than achieved, the actress who becomes a star. No, it has not played a teenager in a feature film that will reveal the full extent of his talent and propel on the front of the stage, allow him to follow up the contracts with big fashion houses and turn for large large and directors. The actress belgian is now at the top, heroine of a film in the official selection of the Cannes film Festival, Sybil, directed by Justine Triet, who did shine in Victoria in 2016, but before getting there, she passed by the box television presenter, and this does not necessarily impose itself in the movie said copyright. A path that allowed him to keep his feet on the ground but that does not give easily confidence. At the age of 42, she looks at his profession and his life just for the magazine Paris Match, with serenity and openness. Its secrets are gold and even more when she talks about her daughter, Ali, age 6, born out of his relationship with his ex, the director Mabrouk El Mechri.

Launched on the subject of motherhood, which changes all the perspectives, Virginie Efira responds : “It was a shock. We no longer have the same relationship to the world. Before, I was running everywhere… I couldn’t stay all alone in the evening. He had to get out, be the last from a evening to be sure not to miss a moment, an encounter… with a child, you say to yourself : ‘This is the place where I am that something is going on, in fact.’ With Ali, my daughter, we are extremely close. I am surprise, of admiration. It is very nice, it has 6 years, we are in an exchange is very strong. The affection and tenderness are very much present, and, at the same time, we get to talk about deep things.

In couple with actor Niels Schneider, his partner in An impossible love , and Sybil, she did not care for her daughter, who grew up with parents separated : “The stability, it is in everything that you decide to convey, in a presence, a way to be able to count on you. But it is difficult not to bear a weight. I believe that parents will always do so. I hope that my daughter will be very happy without me !” In harmony professionally and personally, she remains cautious : “I love my daughter, I love a boy who is super. But I can’t say that I’ve found my place. The journey is still long. I’m going to do something stupid. It is important not to do everything well.

Read the full interview in the magazine Paris Match on may 16, 2019

Sybil, in theaters may 24, 2019