We have tested the air purifier Dyson Pure Cool Me

The Dyson Pure Cool to Me is an air purifier designed for personal use. The previous models such as the Pure Cool Link TP proposed to clean up the entire room. At least the latter had the advantage of being connected and propose the setting of timetables and the interpretation of data collected by a mobile application. This is not the case, at least for the moment, with this new purifier. Through the use of a new technology, called Core Flow, this Pure Cool to Me he has been with us for a fortnight. Here’s our verdict.

Design and operation

The Pure Cool to Me consists of a small circular tower covered with a grid protecting the filter and the engine. The filter Evo to 360 degrees with two layers. The first is composed of glass fiber and the second activated carbon. The latter plays a vital role in the treatment of the air, since it prevents unpleasant odors and eliminates gas, smoke, but also volatile organic compounds. In this way, the presence of various pollutants within our homes such as benzene or formaldehyde are annihilated. It is in any case what promises the manufacturer Dyson.

The trunk is seen surmounted by a kind of dome ; this is where the purified air is vented. A word on its operation. The Core technology Flow absorbs the air to purify it through a compressor. The air-treated, and only the spring by a slot on the top. In a gesture, you can drag this part to choose the direction of the breath that is, either towards the top or towards the bottom. This tilt possible does not change the force of the air itself, but the strength of the flow if you ever want to distribute on a larger perimeter air and the benefit of your closest neighbors.

2.8 kg, this is the weight of this fan is easily transportable from one point to another. Given that it is a device designed for personal use, this seemed to be indispensable !


While the previous air purifiers were many options, and a dimension connected with the mobile application, what a surprise to see that it is not the case with this new product. No data to interpret, no information regarding the status of the air, no possibility to manage and customize a non-fan. The only things that you can do this are : set the power and the inclination of the flow and the set up not the time slots as was the case on other models, but only select a timer of 10, 20, 30 minutes or an hour. This is displayed on the small little circular screen LCD integrated on the basis of the grid. Thanks to sensors ambient light, the screen will acclimatize to be read automatically. Finally, it is also able to alert you when the filter needs to be changed.

The small remote is loving with ease against a surface provided for this purpose. It is she who allows you to turn on and off and adjust the power of the breath (of 1 to 10 with an air flow rate at maximum power of 170 L/S), the timer, but also enable or disable the automatic rotation of the dome.


As seems good to you, you can ask the Pure Cool Me to rotate from right to left.


What a pity not to take advantage of the features connected to the previous family of products Pure Cool. Very limited, this purifier can only give us the impression of good or bad work, since we have no data to operate. The air powered gives indeed an impression of freshness and acts as a fan. It has also the advantage to show quite discreet compared to other ventilos. I won’t go so far as to say that it is actually silent, but its presence does not disturb… unless you get closer to the power of 10 where the blower is heard. Easy to use and carry, this may reassure all the people sensitive to allergies. Personally, I’m a part of this last category. If the sensation of freshness and purity from use, I’ve not experienced with a real improvement : it happens to me still coughing from time to time and feel some tightness on the skin. 1-0 for the spring.

Where to buy ?

The air purifier Pure Cool to Me is available at a price of 349 euros on the official store Dyson. It is available in two colours : white/silver, and black/nickel.