Westworld : season 3 is revealed in a first trailer

Credits HBO

In this first trailer released Sunday, a few hours before the broadcast of the final episode of Game of Thrones, you will discover a Aaron Paul in full doubt, a far cry from the western atmosphere and fantasy of the park. For this third season, it is in a futuristic environment, but always populated by robots more or less humanoid, as the characters seem to evolve. The malaise is palpable, reinforced by a soundtrack cult signed Pink Floyd, Brain Damaged, released in 1973.

After we have left on not one, but two cliffhangers of size at the end of season 2, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy we give and see you in 2020 to discover the sequel of the adventures of Dolores, Bernard Lowe, and others. If the old characters of the series would obviously have to be of the party, we already know that this third season will also be able to count on a few new figures of size, such as the French Vincent Cassel, who should be a villain in the coming episodes, Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), the main character of the trailer, and that promises to have a major role, or even Lena Waithe (Master of None).

Broadcast for the first time in 2016, Westworld offers a cruising speed a bit longer than the other productions of HBO, at the rate of one season every two years. A desire borne of the show runners of “doing things well”, and propose a qualitative content to their fans, as they unfolded a few months ago at micro to Entertainment Weekly : “For us, it is important with a series of this magnitude and of this scale, does not compromise. We want the show to become bigger and more ambitious and it takes time”.