WhatsApp say goodbye to iOS 7 in February 2020

The last users of iOS 7 will have to do without WhatsApp by 1 February 2020. The messaging has updated its list of the incompatible systems, among which one also finds all versions of Windows Phone (after December 31, 2019) and Android 2.3.7 (after February 1, 2020). In 2016, WhatsApp warned the users of iPhone 3GS and iOS 6 that they can no longer use the app at the end of this year.

WhatsApp had adapted its interface for iOS 7 in December 2013.

iOS 7 was in September of 2013. This version gave the entire interface flat — this is the case to say that, with new icons and a design that threw in the trash all the skeuomorphisme of the first versions of the operating system. Since then, and fortunately, Apple has put water in his wine. On all iOS devices being connected to the App Store February 24, 80% of them were operating under iOS 12, 12% iOS 11% and 8% shared the rest of the previous versions.

WhatsApp has built its popularity on its support very large a maximum number of platforms (such as Symbian and BlackBerry). Since then, things have tightened to iOS and Android (Windows Phone is always present on the page of downloads, but this is not going to last). For the desktop versions, WhatsApp is available on macOS (from Mavericks), Windows 8 and following.